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Odd Living Arrangement

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1:36 am, Aug 10 2010
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Been trying to remember the name to a manga where a woman finds an excellent place to live for an incredibly cheap price, with the condition that she once a week has to pose nude for her roommate (guy who owns the house and is renting it to her) so that he know.

Other plot points I remember are the female's married friend is having problems with her husband and wants to pose for the owner of the house. He agrees but she tries to have sex with him which freaks him out. He basically became uncomfortable with having sex because of an incident in his past.

The end the girl rooming with him kind of solves his sex phobia.

Manga hardly has any nudity or anything, just an interesting read. Would be much obliged if someone could help me find it again.

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2:17 am, Aug 10 2010
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Kayou Gogo 9-ji ?

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2:41 am, Aug 10 2010
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Thanks! That was indeed the one I was looking for. I Appreciate your help finding it.

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