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which character do you like most?

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12:03 am, Oct 14 2015
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Characters I like:
Hana is definitely my MOST favorite character of all time, I have never met a character whom I like all aspects of such as I do with her. She charms me so much.

Aramaki: is my second favorite, he is gentle, loyal, honorable and completely adorable! I firmly believe Tamura is builing up to a Hana/Aramaki ending. <3

Nijiko (so cool), Genguro (very benevolent), Ran (tough), Sakuya (cheeky & straightforward) and Haru (cute)

On the other side I dislike some characters:

Matsuri annoys me with her clingy and childish personality

Ayu is boring AF. She's always tries to imply that there is something serious going on between her and aramaki in front of the others when its so obvious that it is one sided and aramaki does not return her feelings. This couple is soo forced it is cringy to watch

Arashi I used to like, but he turned out to be pretty pathetic. Encouraging and defending Ango whom he KNOWS tried to rape and kill Hana is beyond limits of what you can allow yourself. He had no right to act this way towards Ango when Hana has not even forgiven him herself. Back in the old days he was willing to kill those who attacked Hana, but now a brush on Ango's cheek is clearly enough to become besties again.

Ryou I used to like a lot back in their training days, when he actually felt like an individual with a mind of his own. Now is simply Ango's bitch who consistanly babysits him. Ryou and Ango's relationship reminds me of the one between Naruto and Sasuke all over again, makes me cringe.

And Ango I absolutely DESPISE, he is a piece of trash, a murderer and wannabe rapist. When you think he has learned a thing or two, he goes on to justify his actions towards Hana and the rest, acting as if it was necessary and he did nothing wrong. And yet everyone loves to give this guy the pity pass. He is unstable and should never have been, or ever be the leader of anyone in the future.

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5:48 pm, Aug 27 2016
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I'll have to say my favorite are:
Aramaki (simply because he is just awesome sauce and his Winter section was like a freaking punch to the gut.)
Matusri and Ryo (because I am shipping these two hard because they are so freaking cute)
Natsu (cause i'm like her in some ways)
Ango (demented and very, very, very haunted by what happened in bringing them here.)
Haru, Hana, and Aramaki (I don't care much for Hana, but i love it when she is interacting with these two guys)
Nijiko I don't like her, but don't dislike her persay, but she is HILARIOUS with her uninterested attitude. she doesn't care bout people and is simply someone that is cold but i think more so she just gets involved unless it interests her and is for her benefit. Selfish....can't describe her...friends....i don't think she cares about that.....but she isn't a bad person nor good, just neutral and sits back and watches without getting involved unless its towards her safety and interests.

Characters I dislike:
Arashi he had the whole prince syndrome for me in the beginning and now he has the hippie vibe on right now
Hana she was okay in the beginning but her sense of perfection and lack of character growth; plus her confused emotions show me the while Arashi and Hana ship is going down since they came to the alternative future.
Ayu don't think it needs to be said as to why......

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3:45 pm, Mar 8 2017
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It's impossible to choose just one favorite character! but i have a couple of them which i can consider as "favorite" and they are: Hana ( she is such a role model for me,can't express enough how much i love her), Aramaki ( this guy deserves so much love!), Mark( his story made me weep for days!), Haru( can't figure out why,but whenever he is present in series i just have that big smile on my face). So this are my top four, but i also really love: Arashi, Tsunomata, Sakuya( because i'm law student as well), Seminaru, Ran,... I pretty much love all the characters except Ango( can't justify his actions) and Ryo ( he was willing to kill so many characters, i can't really feel for him) and Natsu ( i dislike how clingy she is towards Arashi)
This manga is so great because you really start to grow feelings towards some characters and they seem so real that sometimes you just have to remind yourself that they aren't haha.

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8:26 am, May 12 2018
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Gotta go with Ango. His character comes on a bit strong, but not so much that it feels inauthentic or contrived. And his various... conflicts.... are pure gold for exploring dynamics with the rest of the cast.

I also love Haru, as well as Aramaki's various dogs.

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2:33 pm, Nov 14 2020
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This is probably the too late but I still wanna share my thoughts. Out of all the characters, I probably like Natsu the most. I did find her annoying in a few chapters with Arashi, but she rly grew on me with how awkward, hardworking and dedicated she was. I could see a younger version of me in her haha. I also love her interactions with Semimaru, especially in that metal-eating bacteria arc.

Now the one that I pretty much didn't care for (not rly dislike, i like ALL of them) was Hana. She started off great but she reminded me too much of Sarasa. Idk why but she also became too annoying to me in some way. I think my indifference began when she interacted with team summer a?

I'm totally crushing on our 30 yo Aramaki though. He reminds me so much of Ageha who will forever stay in my heart. 🥺

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