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a certain couple on school rooftop scene

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10:37 pm, Sep 2 2010
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i remember reading a manga ages ago that had a certain scene in which a couple were somewhere in the school, probably rooftop i guess. and they ended up having sex more or less fully clothed (in case someone came, or so the guy said when the girl protested) with the girl on was really odd but i've been trying to find out which manga it is for the past two days..i've gone through my entire complete list of about 200 manga trying to figure it out. i remember one of the comments on that manga info page saying it was one of the best of those types of scenes. can't really remember much about the rest of the manga, whether it was smut or even shoujo or josei, a series or a one shot...
thanks to anyone who can help
and yes i realize how odd this is but i'm desperate XD
it's bugging me to no end that i can't remember...

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2:23 pm, Sep 3 2010
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Moved to 18+

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4:48 am, Sep 8 2010
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Motto Itte maybe...don't remember it well.

Looking for... shoujo with a canned peach confession.
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7:04 pm, Sep 9 2010
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only thing I can think of is dokidoki on the roof. hentai by yamatogawa confused

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8:28 pm, Sep 9 2010
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I second Motto Itte. It's the scene at the end of chapter 1.

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9:47 pm, Sep 10 2010
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motto itte!
thank you so much @waftingwish & @Reiz0r
i forgot to put it in my complete list after rating it *smacks head*

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