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suggestion: more powerful filtering

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9:41 pm, Sep 15 2007
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i want to use the releases list so i see all releases that are tagged with one particular genre, say shounen-ai, no matter what else they're tagged with. if i filter out everything else what i am shown is the ones that are ONLY tagged with shounen-ai and nothing else. that's one way of doing it, and it's advertised that way, and i can see it being useful that way for people who never, ever, ever want to see anything tagged with, say, mecha, no matter what wondrous content there is otherwise.

most releases i read are multi-tagged. but there is no way i can just see the shounen-ai releases that are also romance and school-life and filter out all the ones that are romance or school-life but not shounen-ai. it would make the filtering much more useful if i could.

(if this has been suggested before and rejected, apologies; i did a quick search and didn't see anything pertinent.)

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11:03 pm, Sep 15 2007

No I don't think it was suggested before... And I see your point.
But why not just highlight the genre you want?
The effect is almost the same. Let's stick to your example, say you want to only care about shounen-ai releases. You could highlight the genre, let's say in red. And in the releases page you'd still see everything else, but only releases with Shounen-ai genre will be highlighted in red.
The overall effect would be same, even though you would still see stuff you don't necessarily want to see. But I seriously fail to understand why anyone would want to be so restrictive on the genres they read.
The filtering was supposed to be really a last measure, for people that really can't stand a specific genre so much that no matter what other genres at the same time it could be, he still wouldn't be interested. (which doesn't seem to be your case)
Anyway, It's not up to me to decide whether this suggestion should be taken in consideration or not... But I think the highlighting should be enough for now... (IMHO)

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1:07 am, Sep 16 2007
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why? efficiency. less unwanted text is good. i stare at a screen all day long, the less stuff i see that i don't need to see the better it is. i am already incredibly grateful to this site for not assaulting my eyes with bright clashing colours and flashy blinkenlighten but just giving me in general the data clearly presented. oh, speaking of highlighting, i love that i can set my own colours.

the highlighting is a work-around; better than nothing (i am doing that now) -- but i figured it can't hurt to suggest a more efficient method. databases are great for this sort of thing; it doesn't take much to get the already existing data extracted in a different form.

my idiosyncratic reading habits are not really relevant here :-). but since you said you didn't understand why somebody would want to be so restrictive: i am researching specific issues within certain types of manga, and i use the daily releases only for those manga. outside of that i read other manga without genre restrictions (give me a good story and i don't care about genre at all), but i find those via looking for series; i rarely care about new releases for most of them (i generally prefer to read manga that is already completed).

i can see more powerful filtering being useful for people other than me, or it wouldn't be something i'd suggest. i know lots of people who're semi-restrictive in their genre reading; they don't avoid an entire genre, but might well avoid specific categories within it, or at least not keep track of daily releases in them.

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4:15 am, Sep 16 2007
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I can understand where your coming from... but in a way it would be easier to have a reverse-filtering method.

Whereas instead of selecting genre's to be removed from what you see. You would select a, "Primary Genre," and the database would show you every manga that includes that genre and the other sub-tags wouldn't matter. Similar to a genre search. >_> But, it would just be a filter for the release page.

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8:04 pm, Sep 20 2007
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The biggest obstacle for me when using color highlighting is that when a release has more than one colored genre an arbitrary one is choosed.

If i had some control over which color takes precedence (sensible?)
All colors were merged in some rainbowish way or other (insane but cool?)

Then i would be super happy smile

Currently i highlight three smaller genres which don't seem to collide that much. I really would like to highlight shoujo too, but then other highlights are "covered" so i miss manga that would otherwise catch my eye. (Since i wouldn't always check out every shoujo manga, but i would check out every release in the smaller genres)

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