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...some anime?

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From User Message Body
Post #410718
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7:19 pm, Sep 29 2010
Posts: 761

It doesn't really fit what you requested... But I recommend Cowboy Bebop (the anime).

Post #410719
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7:29 pm, Sep 29 2010
Posts: 84

Kara no Kyoukai-There is some gore (not much though)

Gunbuster and Diebuster-They're Mech animes, but still good

Kaleido Star-It's a zero to hero type of anime

CANAAN-Heavily action-packed anime

KARAS-Again, there's gore, but it's just plain aewsome biggrin

silent killer
Post #410755
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chasing oblivion

11:15 pm, Sep 29 2010
Posts: 1366

fate/stay night is a terrible anime. If you want to see some good TYPE moon go with canaan or Kara no kyokai

Cowboy bebop- One of if not the best anime series
Serial Experiments lain -
Haibane Renmei - kind of a tear jerker
Neon Genesis Evangelion - the show that launched a thousand fetishes
FLCL - yes more robots, but these pop out of a boys head trust me its good
12 Kingdoms
Tenchi Muyo
Martian Successor Nadiesco
Azumanga Daioh
Utawarerumono - great fantasy series
The Legend of the Legendary Heroes - stupid name but very good aswell
Mushishi - You'll probably love this one

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Post #410910
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2:30 pm, Sep 30 2010
Posts: 197

Let's see here-
Clannad and Clannad After Story - Very dramatic.
Death Note, Code Geass and Code Geass R2 - I found Death Note and Code Geass similar along the lines that the protagonist's we're very intelligent and have to use that to they're advantage, also very dramatic.
Suzuka - I very much enjoyed this, but it only went to 26 episodes, so I had to read the manga to go deeper into the plot.
To LOVE-Ru - If you like funny, then you like To LOVE-Ru.
Maburaho - One of the first animes I watched, it's a really great harem and I wished there were more episodes.

Well there my top animes to date, guess I'm a bit of a mainstreamer.

Here's a list of animes im going to watch, they're all very good from what I've heard.

(The Brackets shows the amount of episodes there are)


Seikon No Qwaser(24)

Black Cat(24)

Nabari No Ou(26)

Tenjou Tenge(24)

Mayoi Neko Overrun!(13)

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle(52) 35 min movie.

Black God(23)

Soul Eater(51)


Gurren Lagann(27) 2 movies, 112 min and 126 min.

Fate Stay Night(24) with a movie.

Trigun(26) 120 min movie.

Cowboy Bebop(26) with 1 movie.

Samurai Champloo(26)

Eureka 7(50) with 1 movie.

Myself Yourself(13)

Hope I helped.

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Post #411007
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Forever hung over

7:59 pm, Sep 30 2010
Posts: 13

Seirei no Moribito
Ghost Hound
All these animes have great character development and you wont regret watching IMO.

Post #411021
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insomniac Kagehime

8:36 pm, Sep 30 2010
Posts: 2706

the law of ueki
zero no tsukaima
death note
bakuman (starts in october)
the world god only knows (also starts in october)
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Nurarihyon no Mago
Gakuen Alice
Shakugan no Shana
Air Gear

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Post #413918
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Ur only Goddess~

10:08 pm, Oct 8 2010
Posts: 299

Omg... thank you... but um... can you please write something like which of those anime have the things i wanted them to have? Because I am kinda lost now biggrinDDD
If you write only a lot of names and not your opinion than I am really lost for good smile
You don't have to if you don't have time of course wink What you all already wrote is already a help.


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Post #414274
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2:13 am, Oct 10 2010
Posts: 773

gundam seed and destiny
turn A gundam
after war gundam x
kurogane no linebarrel
shakugan no shana
aoki densetsu shoot
zatch bell

all have zero > hero scenario with significant romance except the last one smile wink grin

best shonen manga couples :

shinichi X ran
natsu X erza
ippo X kumi
naruto X gaara
Post #414279 - Reply to (#411021) by ShadowSakura
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insomniac Kagehime

2:21 am, Oct 10 2010
Posts: 2706

Quote from ShadowSakura
the law of ueki
zero no tsukaima
death note
bakuman (starts in october)
the world god only knows (also starts in october)
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
Nurarihyon no Mago
Gakuen Alice
Shakugan no Shana
Air Gear

they all start at zero and have romance in them. I´d recommend you Zero no Tsukaima the most

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currently reading: Nyotai-ka
please support me
Post #414345

6:22 am, Oct 10 2010
Posts: 28

Kino no Tabi (specially if you end up liking Mushishi)
Paranoia Agent
Kigeki (really short, 1ep, ~10 mins, really good)

stuff that's already been mentioned:
Cowboy Bebop
FLCL (if you like this watch Dead Leaves)
Samurai Champloo
Haibane Renmei

Post #414947
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1:26 am, Oct 12 2010
Posts: 1439

1. Natsume Yuujinchou (26 episodes total from 2 seasons)

genre: comedy, drama, shoujo/josei, slice of life, supernatural

Beautiful stories. It's not serial in nature, so you can watch it one day and come back to it like a month later. You will love Nyanko-sensei! Granted, the main character may not have a love interest, but you get plenty of that in the stories (like episode 2 and 8). I love the character development for the main character and his sidekick. eyes

2. Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood (64 episodes)

Since you've already read the manga, I'm guessing that you'd want to see the anime that follows the manga's plot. Unless you want to watch FMA (the 1st / 2005 version)... Give it a go. It's addicting. Full color, voice actors, action-packed scenes... come on... you know you want to see Mustang setting some Homonculi aflame! laugh

3. Skip Beat! (25 episodes)

genre: comedy, drama, romance, shoujo, showbiz

The protagonist definitely starts off from zero and develops into someone amazing from what we've seen so far... Only problem: THE GREATEST CLIFFHANGER ENDING IN THE HISTORY OF ANIME. Seriously... pissed me off... no joke... no

4. Ouran High School Host Club (26 episodes)

genre: comedy, romance, reverse harem, shoujo, school life, gender bender

The protagonist starts off as this closed-up individual who gradually becomes more out-going. It's a definite tongue-in-cheek anime. This is for loooool's. biggrin

Sorry, I haven't really watched much anime, so this is what I can suggest for now...

Post #414948
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1:29 am, Oct 12 2010
Posts: 51

gurren lagenn
phantom: requiem for the phantom <3
suzuka (though the manga is better)
zero no tsukaima

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Post #414954
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1:44 am, Oct 12 2010
Posts: 2037

Gurren-Lagann absolutely fits what you are looking for. :]

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Post #414958
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Slumbering Remnant

2:02 am, Oct 12 2010
Posts: 657

yes, definitely natsume yuujinchou (I especially loved season 2)
Aoi Bungaku- this anime has one-shot like episodes. Watch the Run-Melos episode it is very touching, it deals with 'broken' friendship between two people and the truth behind it. It's has a very good (meaningful) story. (quite heart-touching) the beginning is confusing because a human narrator just pops up but after a few minutes the real story begins, so you have to be patient
I agree with code Geass as well
oh, initial D was quite a fun anime the art's a bit old but other than that it's quite fun to watch

Last edited by sweetnsour321 at 3:30 am, Oct 12

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vampire ninja 896
Post #414959
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2:02 am, Oct 12 2010
Posts: 471

this isnt something if youre looking for somethin deep and emotional, im just like you, mainly manga, but bobobo - bo bo -bobo was halarious. and i like one piece too which is more nakama love based ( not that way ).

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