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Have you ever played a Visual Novel and why not?

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From User Message Body
Post #406406

4:18 am, Sep 13 2010
Posts: 5

In my spare time, I work as a fan translator for visual novels.
Currently the project I am working on is called Katahane.

And so as a fan translator, I am overly curious. Have you heard of visual novels before? Have you played one? And most importantly, why not? (if you have not)

List of all translated visual novels to date:

Post #406424

5:34 am, Sep 13 2010
Posts: 257

Heard of them a goodly long while ago, and I've played plenty. Unfortunately, I'm limited to playing what's in English because I still can't wrap my mind around kanji. So I haven't played as many as I would like. But someday...

Post #406518
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6:25 pm, Sep 13 2010
Posts: 974

I play only english translated or published one, I'd love too see more of them being translated, it sucks for being unable to read japanese dead , there is no point to play if I can't follow the story.

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Post #406519
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Lone Wanderer

6:29 pm, Sep 13 2010
Posts: 1853

I've never played and probably never will. Most of them are hentai, right? (At least, everything I've heard of is.) I'm not into porn, so I have no interest in it. If there are any with non-explicit content, I might like to try...but I never could get into computer games, so I doubt I could stay interested for more than a couple of hours.

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Post #406724
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1:08 pm, Sep 14 2010
Posts: 974

most visual novel have some hentai scene but its not their selling point, take Tsukihime for a good example, on each arc its only have like 1-2 scenes. You can't compare that to regular hentai like Sengoku Rance laugh laugh.

"we are people because of other people"
"I am who I am because of who we all are"
Post #412846

1:22 am, Oct 6 2010
Posts: 112

I've played a translated Clannad VN, but quickly lost interest because of too much similarity to the anime. If there was another translated VN that I can't simply watch the anime for, I may or may not try it out.

Post #412847
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1:30 am, Oct 6 2010
Posts: 2037

Once in a long while. The only one I read start to finish is Narcissu. And I've played another game... but it didn't leave a good enough impression cuz I forgot the name of it. bigrazz

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Post #412921
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Zombie Porn!

6:15 am, Oct 6 2010
Posts: 334

I played one entirely by accident. It was bizenghast, and i was looking for an amv or something and then the pictures started movingO.o. i was so surprised.
it was interesting, but i wont play one again. i read faster than i listen.

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Post #412924
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6:38 am, Oct 6 2010
Posts: 217

i like playing the ones like fate stay night or tsukihime typemoon really is the best even though they have so few that i have heard of but they are truly epic stories that you can't get enough of even though they are really twisted navel is also pretty good with stuff like shuffle i need to finish it but higurashi is truly great kirakira was unexpectedly far better than anticipated well enough ranting for me but i really do love visual novels as long as they have actual stories but i do not like ones that are nothing but sex since every time i encounter one it puts me to sleep though i probably will try school days eventually though still scarred from the anime. dead

Post #412926 - Reply to (#406424) by imp4ever

6:41 am, Oct 6 2010
Posts: 5

Quote from imp4ever
Heard of them a goodly long while ago, and I've played plenty. Unfortunately, I'm limited to playing what's in English because I still can't wrap my mind around kanji. So I haven't played as many as I would like. But someday...

you aren't searching / trying hard enough mate.

there's a program called AGTH hook which extracts text from pretty much all eroge, (for newer ones you need it's H-code, which basically lets you extract the text easily without repeating characters or other junk)

and then you can simply use atlas auto translation, or if you already have a strong ground in japanese grammar (since lets be honest, it only takes around a week to get most of it down if you're dedicated), you can do an even better translation yourself, by looking up the japanese kanji characters on


i play a lot of eroge. a lot. to be honest i'm kind of stupid since i'm searching for eroge with good story (look what type-moon has done to me) and the only companies that deliver most of the time are type-moon and nitro+. some games i thought had really great stories were and weren't made by type-moon/nitro+ are swan song, muv luv, bladr sky... the list sadly does not go on very long.

there are some other gems though and some i just play since they seem/are hilarious, like majikoi. i never pick up an eroge based off of it's hentai content since i'd rather fap to an animated hentai instead of pictures.

also- why do you call eroge visual novels? i'd only call stuff like clannad visual novels man. clannad has no hentai in it.

i guess you could kind of bend what i just said though if you bring up fate stay night. that's definitely a visual novel, even if it has hentai scenes in it. since it is literally, a novel with pictures. it's a 25+ hour read for gods sake.

but moe moe stuff (80% of the market) is eroge imo.

i guess it depends on the game then doesn't it? type-moon, nitro+, key, and maybe some other companies that try to make story before ero are probably visual novels, while all other games are eroge.

last note @op, i'm pretty sure some more people would be interested in eroge if they played tsukihime or fate stay night. i still rage whenever people say they watched fate stay night but didnt read through the game itself. also, kinoko nasu is trolling us ALL with his delay on mahou tsukai no yoru. im pretty pissed man.

averyk, you sound like a true bro.

also @bloodkay you said that if there was an anime you couldn't watch you might try it's visual novel instead.

i think chaos;head fits that description pretty well. that anime was godawful. the visual novel though? i thought it was pretty good, and interesting.(it was all ages so there was no hentai, some suggestive scenes though like pantsu flashing and other expected things of any regular anime)

chaos;head reminded me of how the samuraichamploo anime kicked ass but it's manga failed hardcore. it's like reverse.

Last edited by deldelight8 at 6:50 am, Oct 6

Post #412939
user avatar

7:31 am, Oct 6 2010
Posts: 217

while agth definitely can do the job it can also be quite a head ache with half of the tutorials mess you up with the explanations though easy to use after figuring it out i normally have to use 3 translating programs at once and pick the most legible translation 'cause atlas is best with kanji and systran for hiragana and it has been a while so i can't remember the site but it can be a headache but the worst was definitely learning to use it.

forgot but deldelight8 it is bad with the whole part of watching fate stay night but not playing the visual novel which sad to say the fate stay night ubw movie should not have been made especially since you would only understand it if you played the visual novel and seemed more like an ova that goes to fast paced but isn't it even worse for the anime to tsukihime.

Last edited by lambchopsil at 3:01 pm, Oct 6

Post #412943
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7:50 am, Oct 6 2010
Posts: 3120

I have played some.
I stick to English translated ones since I am lazy like that.

The UBW film was probably a niche product anyways.

Post #412944
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7:54 am, Oct 6 2010
Posts: 7777

Fate/stay night naturally.

Post #412952
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8:44 am, Oct 6 2010
Posts: 1424

I've played a few and I really liked them. So I'll probably play some more after I find some good ones in english.

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Post #413398
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10:08 am, Oct 7 2010
Posts: 48

Yep. I played VN [dating sim type , non H-version] before.
I play those that are translated in chinese...because there are hardly any VN that I like that are in English.

The story in some VNs can get really nice.
However, that's provided you understand the language.

sorry for the caps, I'm too enthusiastic.
I love the graphics in VNs \>.</

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