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Kuroshitsuji 2 ending: love it or hate it? (in case you can't tell, spoiler alert)

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Post #407594

10:52 pm, Sep 17 2010
Posts: 710

Spoilers in this post, obviously.

I loved it. but it left me wanting more. I mean, it's great that ciel's a demon and he and sebastian can be together forever now, but i want to see sebastian come to like the idea, or at least not mind it. i mean, i get that no one wants to be a servant for all of eternity. but on the plus side, he gets to be ciel's servant for all of eternity. so he should stop acting so put out! plus, come on. a season three with two demonic main characters would totally kick ass!

btw, i think the writers were trying to please fangirls when they wrote an ending where sebastian and ciel get to live forever. i think they were trying to do as much fanservice as they could without turning kuro into a shounen-ai.

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Post #407603
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11:18 pm, Sep 17 2010
Posts: 131

I thought the ending was great, a demon ciel- come on man! hehe and poor sebastian having to serve for eternity with no delicious soul to look forward to, mwhahaha. But i honestly think they should end teh series at this point, it had just enough cliffhanger and closure to satisfy without having been overly drawn out. I mean if hey do many a season 3, pft I'll watch it, but I think its perfect as is smile

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Post #407605

11:23 pm, Sep 17 2010
Posts: 710

Yeah, maybe it's a good idea to end it while you're ahead.

Last edited by unusuallove at 3:10 am, Jan 6

Post #411421

11:09 pm, Oct 1 2010
Posts: 5

Honestly, I hated (well, hate is a strong word...) the ending of season II.

What was the point of Ciel turning into a demon? He completed his revenge already and now he doesn't have a goal anymore.............not only that, Ciel has to go and make Sebastian his butler forever. Poor guy! He just wanted to eat some souls (Ciel's in particular) and now he's restrained from acting of his own free will! How cruel is that?
It was part of the contract that Sebastian would get Ciel's soul after his revenge was completed, and after all the interference from Claude, he still can't have his soul ? That's just cruel, "more demonic than a demon" as Ciel once said.
ok, so some people say that Sebastian's a demon and a demon getting a happy ending all for himself is just messed up, but I think that the readers/watchers would feel more connected to the story if we could see that humans have the potential to be good, but because of circumstances, we can give in to evil...or something...anyway, I think the whole point of the story is that Ciel seeks salvation by, ironically, giving himself over to evil, thus portraying the weaknesses and the desperation of human beings. For me, there's no point in him becoming a demon because it betrays the whole purpose of what I perceive to be one of the major themes in Kuroshitsuji.

I was fine with the first season's ending (I actually really liked it) and I (though hesitant) had high hopes for season II's ending, wondering how they would try and end it, but nooo......if they're going to do a season III, they better make it epic....
All in all, I was greatly disappointed with season II's ending and will stick to the manga from now on.

Last edited by Silver_Sky at 2:11 am, Oct 3

Post #411424
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11:17 pm, Oct 1 2010
Posts: 84

the ending i wouldnt say i hated it but i didnt really like it. it just seemed like sebastian wasnt happy in the end and sebastian was definitely my favorite character. i also love the pairing of sebastian and ciel but i watched this whole season waiting for sebastian to eat ciel's soul at the end but we know that didnt happen. i have to hand it to the writers that they gave me a surprise ending that was interesting but it's just not the ending i was hoping and looking forward too. i still love the series though so of course i will keep watching it over and over and hope they do come out with another season or movie or episode or something more hopefully!!!

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Post #411437
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11:55 pm, Oct 1 2010
Posts: 318

I am 100% satisfied with the ending. I'm curious about how people wanted the series to end. I guess a good ending would be Sebastian eating Ciel's soul but it's too predictable for my taste. If there is another season then I think it's the best possible ending and I'd have no complaints, but Kuroshitsuji is all about it's unexpected plot and twists. Sebastian is my favorite character but a demon getting his happy ending is just wtf? I feel bad for him but the idea of Sebastian and a demon Ciel being together for all eternity is just..too awesome. No doubt Ciel is planning to take complete advantage of Sebastian but who can blame him? Sebastian was going to eat Ciel's soul and the only reason he wanted to save him from Claude was so he could have him to himself. Once Sebastian realized Ciel became a demon he attempted to kill him by shanking his arm into Ciel's stomache, he wasn't trying to tickle his stomache and accidentally went to far and stabbed the living crap outta him. I don't think people really hated the ending but just had their mind set on that one ending. I'm almost positive the writers knew that not everyone would be jolly with the ending but hell, they are the writers. Honestly I'm just happy there even was a second season. Love to see a third season. (:

Post #411503

3:03 am, Oct 2 2010
Posts: 710

I feel like, though, if what you are looking for is an ending where Sebastian gets his dinner, that that will probably still happen in the manga, you know? So maybe it's not so bad that they did a different ending for the anime, because it's like Yana Toboso is trying all the options.

Or something.

Post #411966
user avatar

9:13 pm, Oct 3 2010
Posts: 101

I recently watched both seasons of kuroshitsuji anime, and wanted to read the manga and was just wondering how closely the anime follows the manga, in story i mean should i read the manga if i didn't care for the anime. i didn't like the ending of season 2 much and hope the manga is different.

Post #411972 - Reply to (#411966) by Jennifer31

9:41 pm, Oct 3 2010
Posts: 710

Quote from Jennifer31
I recently watched both seasons of kuroshitsuji anime, and wanted to read the manga and was just wondering how closely the anime follows the manga, in story i mean should i read the manga if i didn't care for the anime. i didn't like the ending of season 2 much and hope the manga is different.

Yes you should. The manga isn't over yet, so I can't say for sure how it ends, but I can say that after the Jack-The-Ripper arc in the first season, the anime parts from the manga and takes a very different path. In the manga, as far as we know, there are no such things as angels, and Alois and Claude don't exist. So I think we can assume at this point, that whatever path the manga takes, it will be very different from the anime.

Post #412637

11:23 am, Oct 5 2010
Posts: 1

I'm kind of neutral with it. I never liked the anime that much compared to the manga anyway, so I was okay with this ending, but I did feel kind of bad for Sebastian. I would have preferred if Sebastian had just taken Ciel's soul, but like Unusuallove said, now it'll have multiple endings if Yana does a different ending from the anime team's version.

Yes, you should. The anime and manga are, honestly, completely different things. The anime starts to stray away from the manga's storyline at around episode 7 of season 1. IMO, the manga is better and tends to care more about the characters. A lot of the characters' personalities are actually changed in the anime and don't match up with the ones from the original manga too.

Post #416553
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8:41 am, Oct 18 2010
Posts: 1439

i was highly amused with the ending. it's been so long since i've laughed this hard at messed-up conclusions. anyways, they tried ending season 1 with sebastian eating ciel's soul... expecting that ending for season 2 is kinda... repetitive, don't ya think? oh man... i can't help but compare ciel to being the best mabo-tofu ramen ever created only to be stolen from sebastian's lips because of a bratty kid!

oh wells... the manga would probably end differently. but, this was an entertaining, brainless animated series (didn't really need the shounen-ai, though, in my opinion).

@Jennifer31: if you liked the anime, read the manga. the art's really nice. start from the beginning. i got hooked after reading volume 2.

Post #418151

8:36 am, Oct 24 2010
Posts: 5

I hated the ending. I feel so sorry for Sebastian. It feels for me that it is an uncompleted ending as we don't know what they are going to do for eternity. I guess it does make me want more. Somehow i just hate the idea of Ciel being a demon.

Post #420721
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Rush's Pimp

11:54 pm, Nov 2 2010
Posts: 19

I allways like bittersweet endings, so i had no problem with this one, I enjoyed this anime a lot, it was such a lovely mind fuck. xD. Tho since it's the anime I take it as a suggestion as to how the story could end, and not as a conclusive end, the real end for me will be however the manga ends. :3

But there are rumors of a possible third season mentioned in an interview with the manga-ka. So maybe Sebastian will get another chance to nomnom Ciel's soul.

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Post #420727
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insomniac Kagehime

12:03 am, Nov 3 2010
Posts: 2706

how to make kuroshitsuji 2:
you think what kind of things you´d like to have:
1. Another demon butler 2. another shota 3. a new woman for fanservice 3. triplets (twins would also have been okay) 4. more funny scenes with grelle 5. high quality graphics 6. costume ball with many characters 7.ciel survives at the end

->conclusion: the guys only made what they wanted to, it would have been better as doujinshi

but i liked the end that ciel didn´t die. i want to make a contract with him 3.3

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Post #422390
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2:42 am, Nov 9 2010
Posts: 732

i think this season was better than the last one, maybe bcz i was a bit disappointed at the fact that the anime took a total different direction from the manga..
I decided to watch this one and i Loved it till the last ep where Ciel becomes a Demon<biggest wtf ever!
i mean, yeah it would be predictable blah blah, but Sebastian did a HELL lot for this kid and wont eat it..? and the fact that he didn't look happy about it was worst!

the manga is my only consolation, and i hope something like this wont happen
just remembering makes my heart ache

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