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(Spoilers) How badass will Raki be... ?

On a scale of 1-10 how badass will Raki be when he gets back to Clare?
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9:02 am, Jan 9 2009
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im sure there will be some strange triangle between clare, raki, and... uh... that girl.

sorry i forgot her name.

but yeah, im sure that's what will happen, definitely impending bloodshed.

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1:33 am, Jan 12 2009
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I think he'll probly have about the strength of a weak claymore.

And I also think that he'll become a Claymore at some point, and end up being stronger than almost anyone else in the series. Thats just what happens in Shounens.

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1:59 am, Jan 12 2009
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As a human, Raki will probably get to near-claymore level. Somewhere along the line (as had been inferred) he'll probably turn into a claymore. He'll probably at Awakened-level at the time though. Of course, I could be wrong, but I don't see him staying "pansy male protagonist" now that he hit yoma slayer status.

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1:22 pm, Feb 3 2009
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so.. i think the same as SleeperJack.
But what I'm wondering about is the relation with that little precilla-"kid" (was that her name?). That could go very ugly.. especially when they meet clare.

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1:03 am, Apr 23 2009
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the problem is i dont get the feeling that Priscilla is the main villain. so she killed teresa fair and square. it was her fault. for me she is useless. i hope raki will become an enemy. that would add some drama

Post #279515 - Reply to (#279414) by timduncan1
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6:22 am, Apr 23 2009
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Quote from timduncan1
so she killed teresa fair and square.

Someone hasn't been reading Claymore with full attention...

And Raki will form at least a minor threat, strength-wise.

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