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How was the ending?

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6:04 am, Nov 11 2010
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Loved it. I thought it was sweet, but I feel that things weren't wrapped up properly somewhat. It would be nice to see a time skip of some sort as a one-shot or one volume special. biggrin

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8:48 am, Nov 11 2010
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I'm Ok with the ending, there's nothing left unresolved, and it's good to see that club is still together biggrin

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11:43 pm, Nov 12 2010
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I approve. For a series like Ouran, it worked really well. It added a twist without deviating from the series' "mood". I liked how they stayed together at the end, but with an actual conclusion. I couldn't imagine the Hatori separating them at the end, but I also did not want an open ending with them like as they were at the beginning with no development. smile

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9:21 am, Nov 19 2010
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one word: Perfect.

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1:56 pm, Dec 3 2010
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good ending
I really hate the pointless drama in the middle of the series but i think the author pull through and deliver a great ending w/o leaving behind anything
There might be a sequel, i can feel it...
The author just need some time i guess

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5:43 am, Dec 13 2010
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Quote from otakuness
i think that it was really happy and it was fine overall though i cant help but wish for a future look in their lives!! biggrin

oh and i almost forgot! i have to give special thanks to the person who started this thread cause i would have never really known that it has ended if it werent for this thread so kudos to you sistah! biggrin laugh

No problem biggrin

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3:10 am, Dec 25 2011
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I like the ending, it's kind of funny (especially the girls reaction after they knew Haruhi was a girl). But I don't think it's an ending anyway. The author somehow givs us hints whether she would continuing the series or providing us extra chapters.

Hatori Bisco does continue the series by making extra chapters! Have you read all of them? biggrin

But I hope that Hatori-sensei will make a sequel as good as this. Or better.

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