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Favorite Team

Who's your favorite team?
Deimon Devil Bats
Ojou White Knights
Shinryuuji Nagas
Taiyou Sphinx
NASA Shuttles/Aliens
Kyoshin Poseidon
Seibu Wild Gunmen
Hakushuu Dinosaurs
Teikoku Alexanders
Zokugaku Chameleons
USA Team
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3:36 pm, Oct 14 2010
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Don't know if people still check this forum but I was curious.

At first I couldn't choose between Hakushuu, Taiyou and Shinryuuji but finally decided on the Dinosaurs. Mostly because of how *ahem*... aesthetically pleasing I find Gaou biggrin

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The Gorilla Killaâ„¢

5:31 pm, Oct 14 2010
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Kinda surprised you didn't put any other team from the World Youth Cup arc on the list (Especially Team Japan).

Anyway, I chose Team USA, because when I read that game with USA vs. Japan over again, I realized that some of the personalities on that team were kinda like some of my friends back on the high school football team. It made me laugh at how much they were alike in some aspects. laugh

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10:35 pm, Oct 14 2010
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Ugh.You're right. I even forgot the Bando Spiders. I shall chalk this one up to lack of sleep sad

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