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Chapter 32 discussion POSSIBLE SPOILERS!!!

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9:09 am, Oct 17 2010
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Just read it...and absolutely ruined my day of happiness. This has got to be one of the most frustrating and depressing chapters I have ever read in this series. Sasuke seems to be loosing it more and more. Poor Naomi...T_T

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Dark Knight

5:45 am, Oct 18 2010
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Yeah, when I was debinding the chapter before scanning it, I was sorta shocked that she was killed so fast.


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2:35 am, Sep 23 2012
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I understamd this is just wanting to instill the desperation and horror of war, but damn!!! I didn't need it sad
An arc so long just to end up like that....
I guess it's shounen because is being serialized in a shounen magazine, but let's just say this has seinen content, or at least mature.

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1:06 pm, Oct 24 2012
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I also sad, that my favorite RK-91 (Sagara called it Al II) has to ceased in action just after 2 volumes. In her hand, the unit has proved itself to be the coolest Arm Slave in the whole series..yeah, fuck ARX and the others... Viva Savage!!

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