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Graphinica, Kelmadick to Make Last Hellsing OVA Season

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3:04 pm, Oct 24 2010
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Geneon Entertainment's Rondo Robe label has revamped its official website for the Hellsing Ultimate original video anime project with the announcement that the third and final season will be animated by the studios Graphinica and Kelmadick. Q-Tec established Graphinica last year after acquiring the digital video division of the anime studio GONZO. That digital video division was responsible for the computer animation work in Blue Submarine No. 6, Yukikaze, and other titles that helped establish GONZO's brand. Kelmadick has worked for years as a subcontracting anime studio on such titles as Bleach, Zoids Genesis, and Hellsing Ultimate itself.

The third and final Hellsing Ultimate season will consist of volumes VIII through X. The first five volumes just shipped in a limited-pressing Blu-ray Disc box on Friday. (The promotional video for the box appears below.) Satelight and MADHOUSE had previously animated Hellsing Ultimate, and GONZO animated the 2001-2002 Hellsing television anime series. Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc. once distributed both Hellsing anime projects, but FUNimation Entertainment is now distributing them.

source: animenewsnetwork

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