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Happy Birthday, Identity Crisis~!

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9:28 pm, Oct 27 2010
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Miss Monkey is old. Older than my grandma.

True story. :'3

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Post #419183 - Reply to (#419179) by Mamsmilk
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Monkey. :B

9:30 pm, Oct 27 2010
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Quote from Mamsmilk
Quote from NightSwan
Sooky's older? o.O


Well.. *cough* by 6 months...<-<;

Quote from NightSwan
I have no idea how old anyone is. ~_~

Maybe you would if we knew how old you were. :3 Just sayin~ ;D

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Monkeys, always at your service.
Quote from NightSwan
I have to thank you again. It's been a while since I've had this much d**k on my computer. :'3
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10:14 pm, Oct 27 2010
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Happy Hatchday KashiMashi-man~!!

Now go lock em threads!!

~Point & Squirt~
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Mome Basher

10:24 pm, Oct 27 2010
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Happy birthday, mate!

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Post #419197 - Reply to (#419164) by StarlightDreams
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10:28 pm, Oct 27 2010
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Quote from StarlightDreams
Happy birthday Kashi~! ♥ Te amo~ ♥

Happy birthday biggrin biggrin biggrin
Anyway, "Te amo" means what? confused (sorry, a bit off topic and annoying ) shy

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1:01 am, Oct 28 2010
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^I love you in Spanish :3

And, Happy Birthday! :3

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2:19 am, Oct 28 2010
Posts: 2964

Happy Birthday Kashi! : D

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2:27 am, Oct 28 2010
Posts: 1762

Happy birthday!

May your last year of being a teenager be the best one. smile

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3:05 am, Oct 28 2010
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Have a good one, kashi.
Enjoy it.

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4:17 am, Oct 28 2010
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A little late, but happy birthday, my good man.

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4:55 am, Oct 28 2010
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Kashi! Happy birthday~~~ Go to a strip club!

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4:58 am, Oct 28 2010
Posts: 1975

Happy birthday ! (:

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6:37 am, Oct 28 2010
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Happy Late Birthday. Hope you get over your amnesia soon, llofk.

This signature was recovered from Hades to serve in my rotting armies.
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7:19 am, Oct 28 2010
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Happy Belated Birthday, Kashi. Hmm, just how many times have you changed your name on here anyway?

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8:30 am, Oct 28 2010
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Bear with me here, I'm gonna try and thank everybody.

@Bae, Thanks for the well wishes, even if I can't drink. ;_;

@Doc, Thanks, I wasn't aware growing older was a race though. : P

@Tsu, Well, if it makes you feel any better, all I remember is that you are older than me as well. Many thanks though.

@Robbit, Yeah, I hear that a lot. Thanks.

@Blak and Tatics, Thanks.

@Law, Rub it in, why don't ya? lol Thanks.

@Gorath, Thanks man.

@Loose, Hey! I'm not a bum!

Spoiler (highlight to view)
Ok, maybe a little.

Thanks though.

@Mams, You've always had such an interesting way of talking, but I think "Ye" takes the cake. Many thanks. I hope it pays off, too.

@Star, Thanks~! ♥

@Toto, Why thank you.

I see what you did there, and I'm glad I've learned to highlight or I would of missed it.

@Swan, Thank you for the kind offer. And for the happy birthday, of course.

@G-17, Oh, I would, but Blak and Lambs always beat me to it. It's like they never sleep~

Spoiler (highlight to view)
Oh well, less work for me if they are always on. :3

Thanks though.

@Scy, Darcy, Eccentrrick, Rainy, Thanks all.

@Rae, hopefully it will be. Thanks. : D

@Sagaris and Kaerf, Thanks guys.

@Ama, If I was going to go to a strip club, I would of last year. Thanks~

@Yenoh, Thanks.

@C0rp, I don't see it happening anytime soon, but we can hope, can't we? Thanks man.

@Wulf, Oh wow, haven't seen you in a bit. I think this is my Fourth name so far. Hopefully the final one. And thanks.

I hope I got everyone, I was scrolling the thread in the other tab, so it'd suck if I didn't.

Thanks again everyone~

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