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Song thats stuck in your head?

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7:55 pm, Jun 5 2011
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Scary Kids Scaring Kids - Watch me Bleed

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8:40 pm, Jun 5 2011
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On a blimp (ft. Teddy) biggrin

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11:54 pm, Jun 5 2011
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i wanna by all american rejects

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11:59 pm, Jun 5 2011
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I've had Kylee - Over U stuck in my head for over 2 weeks now.

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12:37 am, Jun 6 2011
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The Electric Company Theme Song

Post #474432 - Reply to (#474349) by Raeryn
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1:08 am, Jun 6 2011
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Quote from Raeryn
Quote from Casey D. Geek
Quote from Gwynn
[and the Four Seasons thing]

Yes i am a self-professed oldie lover.
damn i want this song as my wedding song lol.

Would you, perchance, be referring to Vivaldi? I can't think of any other 'Four Seasons' related to classical music :/

No, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons is the name of the band. They're not classical, they're from the 60's.

Ah. Thanks for clearing that up smile

There are times when you will miss what you never had. I wonder how you will find what you so desperately need.
Post #474435 - Reply to (#474363) by atem4yami

1:19 am, Jun 6 2011
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Quote from atem4yami
For wedding songs, howsabout "Back at One" by Brian McKnight or "Kiss From a Rose" by Seal? Those are my faves, and truthfully they're stuck right now from reading these posts.

"Kiss From a Rose" by Seal, I love it!!!

I don't really have a song stuck in my head other then the Syrian revolution, “We are one hand we are one hand” i hear that in my head automatically when I'm having a snack, I've been following the news on a daily basis so its flowing through me. smile Go go Syrians! kick that traitor's butt out! eyes

"The man who smiles when things go wrong has thought of someone to blame it on"
- Robert Bloch
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So Innocent

2:24 pm, Jul 12 2011
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"Nice Guys" - nigahiga version
I always replace the verse 'nice guys finish last' with 'nice girls finish last' biggrin

Would I lie to you?
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a possessive lover

3:37 pm, Jul 14 2011
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Endless Rain - X Japan.

really love it! so touching and saddening....

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3:51 pm, Jul 14 2011
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Nurariyhon no Mago Ost Track 3 ♥

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4:13 pm, Jul 14 2011
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It's that damn little jingle from Futurama from when the crew went to the Moon.

"We're whalers on the moon, we carry a harpoon, but their ain't no whales, so we tell tall tales, while singing our whaling tune"

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5:59 am, Aug 23 2011
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Song: Drunk Again
Artist: Reel Big Fish
Album: Cheer Up!

I am vindicated!
I am selfish;
I am wrong!
I am right,
I swear I'm right.
Swear I knew it all along
And I am flawed!
But I am cleaning up so well
I am seeing in me now
The things you swore
You saw yourself...

~"Vindicated" by Dashboard Confessional
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sleepy ghost

6:10 am, Aug 23 2011
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Been watching a lot of Gintama recently, so "Mr. Raindrop" by Amplified. I was surprised that it was performed by a band from Honk Kong.

"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained."
- Samuel Clemens/Mark Twain
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his and her sonnet

12:13 pm, Sep 18 2011
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this <3

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12:14 pm, Sep 18 2011
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