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Most Depressing Manga

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Post #23364 - Reply to (#23276) by Dangerdan
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5:18 pm, Jul 6 2007
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Quote from Dangerdan
Well, elfen lied is pretty depressing.
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If a little girl getting all of her limbs ripped off isn't depressing I don't know what is. Or the girl that was sexually abused by her stepdad, or the countless number of girls that have been tortured in horrendous experiments since birth, or the boy who watched his father and sister get brutally murdered.

Other than that it's not all that bad

I second Elfen Lied! eyes It was pretty damn depressing...and the theme kinda put it all together, or at least that's what it seemed like to me smile wink grin

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Post #52832

7:59 am, Sep 13 2007
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I agree, I just watched Elfen Lied and it depressed the hell out of me.
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I mean, they spend the whole series (I'm talking about the anime here, I haven't read the manga) having you build a rapport with Lucy/Nyuu and then they sort of make her an irredeemable character. Even though from the very beginning it's shown that she is fully capable of murder, nobody really cares about all those no-name guards she rips apart in the first episode (the clumsy secretary being the exception to this, but even still, it's hard to really be sad when a character you haven't even been introduced to is killed). She rather sadistically rips the arms and legs off of Nana, but even this can be forgiven on the "no harm, no foul" principle (considering that she does get replacement limbs that seem to work just fine). But when it's revealed that she killed Kouta's sister and father you kind of stop rooting for her to become a good and complete person and start hating her. Kouta was her only true friend and she killed his family out of. I guess. revenge. The abuses that she herself suffered make you pity her but the choices she made were so extreme and terrible that you have a hard time forgiving her. She apologizes in the end and you do feel like she's truly sorry but her actions are unforgivable. Couple that with the fact the ending leaves you with a feeling of incompleteness and it's very depressing indeed.

Post #52851
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10:18 am, Sep 13 2007
Posts: 93

I read these topic and avoid those kind of mangas. But I tried once to read somethjig depressing, it was Deep Love. Jep, sad.
Other one was Death Note for me.
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It all fell apart when L died and I could not read after that. It was so depressing and sad fot me.

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Post #52898
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Resident Odd

11:01 am, Sep 13 2007
Posts: 665

R2D2. It's a manhwa by Jo Eun Ha and some artist. The ending is sad, but the ending page of the 4 volumes is beautiful.

Post #53148
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9:51 pm, Sep 13 2007
Posts: 41

I'll agree Grave of the Fireflies (though an anime) was incredibly depressing. I cry when I look at a can of fruit drops.
But manga... Happy World got too depressing for me
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When Elle's baby died

Post #53234

12:00 am, Sep 14 2007
Posts: 1

I've read plenty of sad mangas but only time i ever cried was when I finished The Demon Ororon. It's about a half human/half angel who falls in love w/the completely emo heir to the Underworld. It's one of the saddest love stories i've read.

I still haven't been able to re-read it cuz i just get depressed just thinking about. Which totally sucks cuz I really loved it. I would recommend it to anyone; it is a great story and cool artwork. All of the manga-ka's work has an underlying darkness to it. I read about a sequel - i keep praying - but i'm not sure if it was ever finished.

Post #53240
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12:06 am, Sep 14 2007
Posts: 288

Full Moon wo Sagashite
(Searching for the Full Moon)
Perhaps you've heard of it?

It's terribly depressing.

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Post #57213
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8:09 am, Sep 19 2007
Posts: 123

I cannot really think of Berserk as depressing for I just cannot pity someone who is as heroic as Guts, he is similar to Heracles or Siegfried whose stories are extremely sad but their heroic deeds have so much value that they overshadow any misfortune they have to endure, their struggle against fate results in an apotheosis that just amazes me and blows the depression away. Also, I think, no fantasy setting plot can ever be as depressing as a "realistic" story because in a fantasy setting it can generally be assumed that death (the main reason for sadness and depression in most of the mentioned stories) is not the end of a character's existence (which is clearly stated in the case of Berserk), while in a science fiction manga like Ai-Ren or a historical anime like Grave of the Fireflies the uncertainty of real life prevails on that matter.

One manga I found very sad was [/b]Tsuiteru Kanojo[b] which - even though it deals with death in a supernatural way - leaves me with uncertainty about the nature of what comes after death, making it very ambiguous.

By the way, I just hate it when anime/manga girls are suffering, they may not really be authentic but the general child-like, innocent cuteness (that in my eyes cannot be found among real humans or at least not in a likeable combination), their shyness, constant blushing, teary eyes and those voices make it far too easy to grow fond of and want to protect those characters.

That is also the reason why the anime "hanbun no tsuki ga noboru sora" could move me enough to make me actually shed tears (well, I was emotionally unstable at that time, but that does not change that much), I just loved the girl, Rika (I do not really care whether her character was in any way innovative or just a clichéd tsundere), and thought that the boy was pretty decent (except for his adventure later on... but come on, male protagonists in romantic stories and especially manga are almost exclusively there for male readers to imagine how much more intelligent, mature or virtuous they would (re)act facing the various trivial obstacles and serious issues). Furthermore, the idea of a teenage pair, enduring those circumstances out of romantic love - something that just does not fit my image of modern youngsters - just touched me.

A manga that I did not read but which has a very good and sad anime adaption is the classic "The Rose of Versailles".

Some people would probably classify such famous Shoujo-ai/Yuri series as "Oniisama e", "Maya's Funeral Procession", "Pieta", "Shiroi Heya no Futari" and probably many more one-shots as depressing or at least sad.

I personally found the setting, pace and overall mood of "Hourou Musuko" a little depressing. I mean, little children who have quite serious gender issues, that cannot end well.

And the last one for now: Jinjya no Susume
Maybe it is just my personal view of it, but I think that even with all the comedy and other deviating elements, the main predication of the story is the denunciation of the change in attitude towards even the holiest of mankind's traditions and the (more or less forced) commercialization of religion. Quite sad in my eyes for I always thought that Shinto is more alive in Japan and that spirituality is not decaying as rapidly as in western countries.

Post #57214
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8:13 am, Sep 19 2007
Posts: 249

love hina

i depresses me cause the main character is such a loser (was more then me)
and he has all those girl
cry can he share cry
lol j/k

Post #57259
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12:34 pm, Sep 19 2007
Posts: 11

chrno crusade's ending was so depressing, i guess it was supposed to be bittersweet, but i can't help but feel so depressed by such an unchangeable ending

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Post #57327

3:10 pm, Sep 19 2007
Posts: 10

I would have to say Hoshi no koe (Voices of a distant star) while not so much depressing but very sad
Evangelion is another where shinji just never seems to get over his fears,

Post #57352
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5:25 pm, Sep 19 2007
Posts: 26

I find a lot of Hentai manga depressing. Usually, they are very extreme, either just sex without storyline (boring) or gang rape or indecent relationships, really sad.

As for shoujo manga, I find "Life" is quite depressing. My sister & I were discriminated before when we studied oversea, of course we fought back straight away. The feeling being discriminate is even worst than being rejected. Even if you fight back and won, victory only helps lessen the pain. You will still remember what they have done to you.

For shounen, I will say "Battle Royale", "X Game", "Fourteen", "Drifting Classroom" and “Senrei” (The Baptism). All these mangas belong to horror but they reflects human behaviour can be very ugly and selfish under circumstance. "X Game" is about revenge, after finishing reading it yesterday (only 1 volume), I just couldn't decide who to pity, who's at fault, it's just tragic.

Post #57370

6:55 pm, Sep 19 2007
Posts: 686

Chrono Crusade was truely did have a pretty sad ending, at least the anime, never read the wanga. I was really happy they managed to put a good ending on the though. Some stories gotta end.

Hoshi no Koe was sad, but a bit too over the top to be taken seriously i think. I'm not saying i didn't like it, but it sort of streched the beaty of a summerafternoon walk home together last decades of no connection. Ok, i dig that corny stuff sometimes, but more as i kind of fairy tale.

Post #59327
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6:26 pm, Sep 23 2007
Posts: 323

Ai - ren
Deep Love (all of them)
Socrates in Love
Confidential Confessions
- I think just 1 of the stories ends well.
- Since I've only read 4(?) volumes I don't know how it will go but I know it's going to be getting more depressing for a while. Hopefully the end won't be suicide.
- I had to stop reading this because I cried for like an hour but the end redeemed it for me.

These are the most depressing that I can remember. Manga's that have made me cry list is quite long though. (Many probably don't count because I cry at the drop of a hat.)

Also, I find FMA and Eureka 7 pretty depressing. I don't know if it gets less because I haven't read much of them though.

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Post #60708
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6:49 pm, Sep 25 2007
Posts: 19

I vote for Elfen Lied and Chrno Crusade

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