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EichixMitsuki or TakutoxMitsuki

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7:58 pm, Dec 16 2010
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The never-ending debate among fans of this manga. State which couple you prefer and WHY. XD

I was a Takuto fan from the very very beginning. (Paints Eichi's face on a ball and starts kicking the crap out of it XD) Not only is he my favorite FM character, he's my favorite fictional character. I have unconditional love for him so I want him to be happy. XD And Mitsuki is the only one who can make him happy. I don't give a damn about the age gap. I love the pairing because I think it demonstrates what "true love" is the best. I think they suit each other more than any other couple in this series. When Mitsuki is down, Takuto is always there for her to make her smile again. When she's feeling weak, he can give her that push forward. It's very sweet. She can bring out the best in him. Meroko irritates him and he was suspicious around Hikari. But when he's with Mitsuki, he's so loving and gentle. (as long as she doesn't say Eichi's name around him XD) Then later on, he comes to accept that she can't forget about that stupid ghost boy and continues to love her unconditionally. GAAAH T____T He's too kind for his own good!!

And in the anime....

Spoiler (highlight to view)
When he sacrificed his life AND his soul to save Mitsuki, I sobbed like a baby for probably fifteen minutes, even after the credits rolled. ;_; THAT is love, people. THAT IS WHAT TRUE LOVE IS.

Well...........that paid off in the end so yeah, GO TAKUTO!! XD

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