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Speculations on Yoo Jung

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What do you think about Yoo Jung?
He's a sneaky bastard, he's got to be up to something.
He's cute, and that's all that matters!
I think he was up to something before, but he's genuinely interested in Hong Sul now.
He's just someone who only does things if he gets a benefit from it, nothing more.
Seems like an okay guy, I'd date him/hang out with him.
Sh*t's gunna go down, guys...
He's just having fun watching her reactions!
He's got a sensitive past we don't know about yet.
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From User Message Body
Post #432675
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Manga Eater

1:16 am, Dec 18 2010
Posts: 442

I don't like this Yoo Jung character. He's sneaky and conniving. (He also reminds me of this guy I used to go to school with--a teacher's pet and all that--when I knew he was just a guy who looked down on everyone.)
I've read many people's comments that "he's cute" and "a nice guy". I just can't fall for it. What I fear though is that Hong Sul will end up with him anyway, because he'll "change" (or she'll fall for his facade).
So I just wonder what people think his true intentions are bigrazz

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Post #442800
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Easily Amused

8:02 am, Jan 26 2011
Posts: 59

I think he's got some hidden mystery in his past. I also think he's interested in Hong Sul only because she's the only person that's not hanging off him all the time. Notice how he brushes off everyone else that's too personal or tries to be too close to him? She actually makes an effort to AVOID him. I still think something sneaky is going on with him. I don't like him!

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Post #528941
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8:24 pm, Mar 13 2012
Posts: 16

I think he's up to something...

As you see in Jung's childhood memory, he's really thorough when he plans on revenging or doing whatever he's planning on.
(I'm referring to the one where Jung makes the little girl get drunk and rips off her rabbit doll.)

Post #571778

2:58 am, Sep 29 2012
Posts: 3

Super annoyed right now at the time skip - and by the fact that she doesn't question why he's suddenly becoming this nice to her.

The other thing is that she's so intelligent, and several times, when she's about to understand the whole situation, she just shrugs it off and tells herself that she's over thinking (and that she should focus on studying).

Yes, that naive side of her is cute, but keeping on not taking into account the past on the basis of "well, now they're different and that's what matters" is really not going to take her far in life.

She would make the worst private detective ever, IMO...

On another note, Yoo Jung defs has some issues going on. And yes, because this is a manhwa, and he was portrayed to be the awesome flawless character is he, he's either going to have a plausible explanation for his horrible behavior of the past (the author seems to be already setting the whole thing up, bringing back flashbacks of his childhood about how he has been used to be used (ha! pun) by everybody around him). OR he could turn out to be completely psycho and just kill everybody (but I don't think we're talking about the same genre of fictional work here...).

Either way, I'm afraid the story will get more and more typical, especially because the author seems to be somewhat keen on dragging it on? As I've read everything in one-shot (not having to wait for weekly releases), it didn't feel as dragged off. However, if we really think of this, it's basically a girl who's trying to figure out why a guy is acting nice to her (he's into you, obviously, duh...).

I just hope it doesn't become one of these stories where, at the end, I'll be like, wow I could have predicted the ending from the beginning.

*This turned out to be such a rant lol sorry*

Post #571792
user avatar
Manga Eater

6:03 am, Sep 29 2012
Posts: 442

"The other thing is that she's so intelligent, and several times, when she's about to understand the whole situation, she just shrugs it off and tells herself that she's over thinking (and that she should focus on studying)."

I have to pleasantly disagree. Sul is not that intelligent, in my opinion--she's hard working, and her efforts take her far. I think she's just very perceptive and analytical of other people. Thus, she notices things. But I wouldn't say she "shrugs them off". When something goes bump in the night, it's not the brain's first instinct to jump to: "IT'S ALIENS!!" (not normally, anyway...) You're going to think logically: "What made that sound? Well, what kind of things are out at night? A cat, maybe?"
Thats how most brains work, and Sul's is no different. She looks for the most logical, easy-to-put-aside answer. I don't think she just shrugs it off, either. Things that she "put aside" resurface often, as we see throughout the series, most often with Jung.

"keeping on not taking into account the past on the basis of "well, now they're different and that's what matters" is really not going to take her far in life."

I find this a little odd though; do you not recall how long it took her to actually trust Jung? And that's probably arguable--I'd say Sul hasn't fully trusted Jung yet (and perhaps never will).
Sorry! I just wanted to defend my favourite character a little bit wink

But I don't trust Jung yet. He's too cray-cray for me. I'm an In-Ho shipper!

Go to work, send your kids to school;
Follow fashion, act normal;
Walk on the pavement, watch T.V.;
Save for retirement, obey the law.
Repeat after me: I am free.
Post #582375

11:52 am, Dec 31 2012
Posts: 11

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
It is really weird when Sul asked him if he liked her and then he gave such an awkward and vague response. It doesn't seem right. It seems that he is interested but doesn't really like her.

But I hope that they will get together for real soon. And when I say real, I mean genuinely liking each other. Sul is coming to like him but Jung is... undecided? smile) I don't really get him bigrazz

Post #587580

7:42 am, Feb 16 2013
Posts: 37

After all the tension/build up, if Yoo Jung doesn't turn out to be a bastard I will be disappointed.

Post #587767
user avatar

12:02 am, Feb 18 2013
Posts: 2

I feel like a lot of people are reading Yoo Jung a lot differently than I am. Personally, he's my favorite character and not because I think he's all sunshine and rainbows. In my opinion, Yoo Jung is very childish and selfish. He honestly does not care at all about other people because in his world view, everyone is a gold digger since that has been his experience. And that seems to be for the most part true. I mean, even look at how he's treated by his classmates. Yes, everyone likes Yoo Jung, but don't they expect him to be treating them all the time? He is also held to these impossible standards by his father as well as everyone he meets; I consider his "perfect persona" to be a defensive reaction to this that he developed after the incident at the party when he was a child that he has only perfected over time. Yoo Jung doesn't go out of his way to be mean to people unless they upset him in some way. I think that he bullied Sul because she laughed at him and nothing more. He was just reacting to her perceived slight against him and taking revenge, which seems to be his modus operandi as demonstrated in the party episode.

Yoo Jung is not a good person. But he's not a bad person either. He has his own (decidedly warped) moral code and at this point I believe that he genuinely likes Sul because, as he said himself, his opinion of her has improved since they met. I think he likes playing with her a little as well with some of the things he says because she has fun reactions.

I find Yoo Jung to be the most intriguing character, though of course I love all the others as well, especially Sul. I just think that Yoo Jung has the most layers. In Ho is fun too, and he certainly has a lot of baggage that I can't wait to see be unveiled. His relationship with Yoo Jung is interesting as well. But at this point I don't find him a good match for Sul romantically; he has a lot of shit to get through first. Yoo Jung and Sul as well have a lot of trust issues to iron out. But Cheese in the Trap is hands down my favorite webcomic; I'm looking forward to where it'll go next!

Post #590086
user avatar

6:40 am, Mar 9 2013
Posts: 6

Hi a new fan to this comic so I can't help but wanna put in my two cents! biggrin haha
Yoo Jung at first annoyed me because I couldn't figure him out at ALL (just like Sul!) and obviously we were meant to understand his character slowly and slowly... Yes I agree this manhwa moves WAY too slow and I hate the chapters where it's basically two people staring at each other with all these expressions. Whatever. Anyway, as the story went on, including the flashbacks and revelations about In-Ho and In-Ha, I think I'm more sympathetic to Yoo Jung. I still don't like him that much (for one, his ruthless side is becoming more and more obvious) but at least I *truly* believe he likes Sul for the right reasons: that she's someone whose honesty and independence refreshes him. She's the opposite of that biotch In-Ha, clearly the bane of Yoo Jung's existence and who can blame him. When I put myself in his shoes I also feel like I'd be pissed at the world. But he hides it so he's just very passive-aggressive... Oh I'd just love to see him blow up and break his cool one day.

But Sul definitely has a crush on Yoo Jung even if she's trying to be on her guard with him. Sigh~ waiting for her to warm up to In-Ho more. I'm rooting for the bad boy here I guess xD (Yeah I don't like Yoo Jung sometimes just because I think he's way too unfair to In-Ho! Don't compare him to his sister!!)

Post #590521

4:05 am, Mar 12 2013
Posts: 1

It's hard to tell with Yoo Jung. Yes, he's calculating. Yes, he's sneaky. However, he seems to legitimately regret at least some of what happened in the past with Sul. He gets distant and kinda pensive every time Sul freezes up or panics when she has those flashes of deja vu (like when he catches her after tripping over. >_> Sul is such klutz sometimes). There's some definite recognition there and it seems a bit like he's trying to figure out how to fix a mistake he made and isn't quite sure how to go about it. I must admit that I find him interesting to read about because it doesn't seem like he's ever been in a position where he's had to work for someone's trust before like that. The fact that Sul was wary of him right from the get go (and grew even more suspicious as time went on) is directly opposite to pretty much everyone else in his life only makes it harder for him to earn it. The question is whether this means he genuinely likes her or if he's just interested in the challenge her existence offers. But regardless of which it is, he's going to change one way or another as a result. Hopefully for the better, even if he doesn't wind up with Sul in the end. It'd be a waste of good character building if he didn't, me thinks.

What I want to know most right now is what happened to make Nam Joo Yeon leave. We know something must have happened. We also know that Sul fainted around the same time and decided she wanted to defer again. What we don't know is what Yoo Jung had to do with it (let's face it: he must have had a lot to do with it) and I think it's probably the most important part, as it's likely this is what prompted him to throw the scholarship in the first place.

Overall, I think he's probably the only reason the manhwa is as good as it is. We really have no idea what he actually thinks of Sul and that makes it interesting to read. I have to say he's one of my favourite characters because of this.

Post #590524

4:57 am, Mar 12 2013
Posts: 20

Yoo Jung... is my favorite character, yeah, but I have my own doubts.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Yoo jung and sul are dating -- although sul is kind of weirded out by it, as is everyone else

I feel as if something terrible is going to happen soon...

Post #600781

3:56 am, May 27 2013
Posts: 535

He was mean before but I think he sort of changed now or at least, his interest in Sul.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
He was jealous of her blind date for example. And before, he sulked when Sul left him with her pretty Hoobae to go to that blind date... (what's her name again?). His attitude changed completely after he realized what Sul was trying to do.

It's possible that he tried to make Sul like him and then dumped her so he tried to treat Sul really nicely. But think about what he said to Sul, "You too are up to something." I think people take advantage of him too much in the past so he was kind of bitter about it.

I'm curious though about his past and how he seems to have 2 different personalities.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Fangirl squeal when he's asking Sul to go out with him.... Major AWW.... moment!!

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Post #610519
user avatar

10:30 am, Aug 11 2013
Posts: 46

This just in, the latest chapter revealing a pretty solid hint from Soonki what Jung's problem is.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
It is revealed that Jung's dad seemed to have some sort of metal issue, because apparently thanks to inho and inha's grandfather, he was 'able to function in society'. Gramp's suspicion of Jung obviously leads us to believe that his dad's mental disease could be passed down to his children. Could Jung possibly be lacking in some sort of brain chemistry? Doesn't that explain why Jung is so excelled in academics but so weirdly.... Off.. in social aspects?

The point of chapter 45 makes is, that Jung might, and i repeat MIGHT, have an empathetic disability, or in other words, he is missing that chemical in his brain that tells him he needs companionship to survive. I mean he's not completely missing that chemical, his brain probably produces less of it than the average person. In effect, since he doesn't feel that happiness high friendship can evoke (as much), he is able to focus more on the tasks at hand, which is in this flashback for everyone to get along and progress on their school assignment.

We joke on the Internet that we're forever alone, or that we strive to be perfect in everything we do, that being perfect means using others because you are the mastermind. That life is all about fitting in but being secretly detached so you'll never get hurt.

Jung is that person, but there is something so wrong with him. There is something so wrong about the idea of functioning in society without actually, truly, participating. Jung just knew he didn't like the titanic kid taking that picture frame. Jung got the big bulky kid to fight with him, caused a scene, then he smashed it so no one can have it, including the kid who wanted it in the first place. He fixed the scene, fixed the problem, fixed his discomfort. Completely. Literally no harm done, with the only exception to the picture frame.

He is a cutting edge genius.

How do we know he wasn't just telling the truth? That he lied about planning to give the bulky kid his exotic butterfly? Because it wasn't a butterfly framed in it. It was a daisy.

There was nothing wrong with what he did, yet there is something scary about how swiftly he worked things out. For a KID. His clever mind is unsettling because no one can tell how he's going to work things out, he just does it.

Even though those two kid boys were kind of irritating, Jung didn't murder them or anything so i don't think he only thinks about himself. The harm he does to others is purely consequencial. His emotions are only a variable. He considers ALL the variables. All the variables he feels are important anyway, and his moral compass is pretty solid. He's a top business major after all!

So the way i see it, with further implications from season 2 chapter 45, Jung is some kind of perfect human robot. It's not about making Jung feel guilty or reveal his other side. Jung thinks his feelings for Sul is love, but he is going to realize that a relationship is so much more. Sul is going to change him, Jung is going to change Sul, and I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE HOW AHHHHHHH

Last edited by eternalight at 11:02 am, Aug 11

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Post #611137

7:33 am, Aug 17 2013
Posts: 6

Right now I see two possibilities:
1.) He experienced abnormal scrutiny of his behavior growing up, causing him to develop differently socially,
2.) He is a well-adapted sociopath. ( th/index.html the audio of this article is pretty interesting).

Post #633111
user avatar

3:36 pm, Feb 18 2014
Posts: 412

Yoo Jung's character reminds me strongly of Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr aka Voldemort during his school years. It all checks out -
1. Teacher's pet
2. Egocentric - as is evidenced by many of his experiences in past. eg. the photo frame incident
3. is charming in front of most people

Well anyway, I think he cares about Sul, in spite of how he behaved in the past. I hope he doesn't turn out to be like Voldemort..

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