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What do you call your parents?

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2:17 am, Jul 7 2011
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I call them Mom and Dad. They've never been Mother or Father. I tried calling them Mama, Mommy, Papa, Pop(s), and Daddy when I was 7. didn't work out well. So Mom and Dad they are. Everything else is weird, either too formal or too informal.

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11:53 am, Jul 9 2011
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Mom = Ma
Dad = Dad? Pa? Honestly, I forgot.

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1:43 pm, Jul 9 2011
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I call them Mama or Papa, cause indonesian usually use that, biggrin

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2:22 pm, Jul 9 2011
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2:44 pm, Jul 9 2011
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maa & ataaa...

Quote from melis_1995

In tamil "anne"= elder brother....

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2:57 pm, Jul 9 2011
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I haven't spoken to my father in 15 years, so I don't call him anything. I call my step-father by his name (Roland).

I call my mom 'ma' or 'hey lady'.

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3:32 pm, Jul 9 2011
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Mama and Papa xDDD

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3:40 pm, Jul 9 2011
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I call my mom- mother
and my father- dad..

I'm usually politer to my mother..

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his and her sonnet

7:09 pm, Jul 9 2011
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haha i feel ridiculous xD

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1:11 am, Jul 11 2011
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Well i have a lot of names i call them

Mother- ma, mom, mum, mommy, mother, momma llama ding dong, master, woman, shayne (when shes not paying attention)

Father- Dad, daddy, father, daddle, steve (when hes not paying attention which is rare unless hes watching hockey or on the computer)

Now that i think of it some of the names i call my parents are rediculous.....

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1:34 am, Jul 11 2011
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I call my mother "Mama" but it's not pronounced "ma-ma" it's more like "muh-ma".I only do it cause she won't accept anything else.No joke, I tried it and she was just deaf.Though when we fight I call her by her name.

I call my father "Dada" pronounced the way it's spelled.Though I call him "Père" pronounced the French way, sometimes I call him "Abba".He's pretty cool with everything I call him.

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1:55 am, Jul 11 2011
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i call my mom: mama or mamacita and my dad: daddy

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I am the Devil

2:18 am, Jul 11 2011
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By their first names

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Wandering Soul

2:52 am, Jul 11 2011
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I call my mom by her first name if she is being bothersome, other times I call her 'mother' ... i just don't like the sound of mom and she never responds to it anyway ... =/

For my dad I usually say Mr. 'our last name' .... I used to call him papa but then that got old and sounded kid-ish so I stopped. Sometimes I'll just say mister but not really.

In all honesty I don't call out to my parents that much ... If I really want to say something to them I just start talking without using anything to begin. roll eyes

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9:56 am, Nov 23 2011
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Avoid calling out or referring to my parents as anything(or talking to them). But in third person, while talking to someone else, I just use mom or dad most often. I don't speak a lot of Spanish cause I stopped a young age so it's kinda stuck in mami/papi.

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