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veritas sequel?

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10:57 am, Jan 30 2011
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is there a veritas sequel or will there ever be one?

cuz i finished sequel and somehow it has an open ending...

does anyone know someting?

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11:18 am, Jan 30 2011
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iirc the author wants to make a sequel, but the korean print market is kinda difficult atm and the author has a hard time adjusting to webcomics

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11:43 pm, Jan 30 2011
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so there is at least a little hope...

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7:11 am, Feb 9 2011
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so that's the reason i've such an increase in web comics being listed. i wonder if it's going to be like that for more authors.

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4:07 am, Apr 22 2011
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I think it's hard to make a veritas II as a webcomic. There are just some expressions and scenes you'd prefer seeing in a manga/manhwa rather than comic. But, then again, its probably me getting used to manga action. Let's hope that the badass element of the protagonist would stay the same. biggrin

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2:59 am, May 27 2012
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oh please please pleeaaase let there be a sequel T_T I just finished reading and I really REALLY want to see Gangryoung beat up Vera and Yuri T^T!!!!! It would be so awesome if his Master could come back to life and both of 'em do a 2vs2 on 'em!

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Make my day

4:18 am, Jun 1 2012
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shit i've read this manga/manwha 2 years ago and still no sequal... lol ^^

"I dont belive an eye for an eye, i belive in two eyes for an eye!"

- Bas Rutten
Post #598376

5:45 am, May 10 2013
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The series wasn't popular in Korea. Hence the ending. Open-ending, in case he could continue it somehow, but that was a negligible hope.

Post #664972

4:37 pm, Apr 24 2015
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now 2015 , the ending it's pretty fucked up. Must waiting the Sequel , but until now no hope in this series

Post #664976 - Reply to (#598376) by MatrixM
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6:17 pm, Apr 24 2015
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Not only the series was not a huge success in Korea, the author and the artist had a divergence in opinion during the serialization, and parted ways after the project ended.

So it's pretty much dead at this point.

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5:06 pm, Mar 19 2016
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I hope there's a sequel i have reread this story so many times i would be said to see it not have a proper ending.

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Post #678356

9:22 pm, Apr 2 2016
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It's been 5 years now since I asked this question

I guess the hope has just died...

Post #681367

7:19 am, Jun 25 2016
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YOON Joon-sik seems to tank everything he works on.

Post #685355

5:26 pm, Nov 2 2016
Posts: 13

So many years ago I dropped this because the stab on the back that MxO gave me... I wanted to read the rest when the story ends but it looks like it won't be possible.

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