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A delinquent Manga

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Door Mouse.

4:57 pm, Feb 5 2011
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Rookies - its more of a baseball manga with a delinquent rehabilitation theme.

Feed your head.
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Manga eater

5:23 pm, Feb 5 2011
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Ohh, one of my fav types of manga!!

Worst - similar to Crows (oops, didn't see you read it xD)
Kyou Kara Ore Wa - for laughs
Beelzebub - if you want some demonic powers
Angel Densetsu - one of the best comedy mangas ever done
Ocha Nigosu - tea ceremony club + thug
Gokusen - yakuza sensei and her delinquent students
Holyland - bullied becomes the one who bullies

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6:04 pm, Feb 5 2011
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10:46 am, Feb 8 2011
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oh i should put that i have already read holyland and angel dansetsu (both are personal favourites) i have now read beelzebub and im check out your guys suggestions XD

thanks for suggesting and keep it up. I wish there was more mangas like Worst or Crows and they should atleast get the translating for it done lol XD

Oh i have also ready Kyou Kara Ore Wa and GTO

Deliquent Manga is one of my fav types

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1:03 pm, Feb 8 2011
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and its sequel smile

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