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Chapter 41

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8:12 am, Feb 20 2011
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ok i must be missing something here. they reference a time were mikuni was laying on a bed and apparently wet herself, they mention this at least twice but the only time i remember something like that was when they were locked in the locker. can someone tell me when this supposedly happened or if it actually didn't happen cus im not sure if i missed that chapter or not....anyways weather yall can tell me or not thanks fer readin through all this lol.

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9:00 am, Feb 20 2011
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I believe you're thinking about the time Kouta carried her to the infirmary. It's when her bra strap breaks and then you know what happens. It's chapter 31 just to let you know.

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5:38 am, Feb 21 2011
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there seems to be a bit of inconsistency's with the second time they mention it but that was probably just adding more too it i guess lol thanks.

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