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Would you read my manga?

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Post #144397 - Reply to (#144214) by avante-kun
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Steven Stone<3

9:58 pm, Mar 20 2008
Posts: 1063

Quote from avante-kun
Actually your story is quite good, but has several cliches. But then again what story is completelly original? I'm also pursuing the same goal as you, and luckily my work has been published several times.
I'm from Mexico and being an artist is hard because almost 97% is not fond of manga style or anime...
I can be of some help if you need editing, proofreading and red lining ^_^

I'd read it 'cause the story actually got me (nowadays I'm reading only shojo and overly dramatic romances) I'm actually running out of things to say but...keep drawing and if you need anything I can put you in contact with some friends in an editorial over here.
Ahh thank you ^__^

And that's really cool! Do you mind if I ask what it's about and if it's possible for me to read it? ^_^ If it's in Spanish that's cool cause I speak spanish XD OH BUT THAT'S RIGHT! Mu doesn't allow asking for downloads! How about "preguntando por comicas Japonesas" then? Sorry my spanish is rusty but I hope that made sense. ^_^

And thanks for the support! If for some crazy reason it DOES get published, I'd probably aim for a monthly mag~ Or a bi weekly one if I had assistants to aid with inking / screentoning. Meaning doing a LOT of it and the editor's
don't mind less than 30 pages. XD Like I said I want it to just be a hobby~ A page a day is probably good enough (for monthly). Whoa we're getting too far ahead of ourselves

I kinda find this series a challange because I'm dealing with a lot of sensitive
Subjects. Hell, it even deals with rape and betrayal (not that anyone got raped or anything but it still deals with its themes).

I'm walking on thin ice here so that's probably why I'm not going that much in depth with the drama in it. But hey I like challenges! Thus why I'm making this. I'm hugely against the whole child abuse, bullying and rape thing. I wanted to make something which showed how bad all these themes are. Of course not everything bad will happen to the main char... I don't want to make something uber unrealistic.

It's like I want readers to feel exactly like the characters are feeling thus manga suits this plot better because there are some thing I just can not do with words alone.

Hence the horror and psychological genre. ^_^

It'll be awfully hard to fulfill all this. ^_^ But I can try to~ A challenge is good every once in a while. Haha.

While I'm happy some od you guys like my plot I'll have to agree with the test run part. I can draw a rough of Chapter 1, the rough sketches, and have people judge it. I'll have people judge the way I represented it. I've seen mangas with awesome plots but completely written in the wrong way etc etc. Kind of like an essay. You can have a good idea but if you don't follow the essay structure and be creative, it'll suck. You know?

I'd love to have some test subjects who can critique on just about EVERYTHING - artwork, structure, characters, etc. I'd like a few who won't be "Oh so gewd" or "oh so bad". Those who can manage 52638465258 paragraphs with critique. Well, not that long, but pretty detailed. ^__^

I don't want to post my manga publicly (I apologize!). Maybe a few pages here and there ifnmy test subjects find a more public opinion would be better for some parts. Anyone interested? Preferably picky readers for just a about everything. XD

The reason I decided to start this project in the first place was because I wanted to make a story where a single secret can change various people's lives and make a 360. ^_^ Something that sounded ridiculous when you think about it (like soccer - whats the fun in killing yourself over a ball?)

I'm out. Cheers!

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Post #144486
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6:10 am, Mar 21 2008
Posts: 3

Sure, right now I'm only editing works but the magazine I used to work in before I sold the idea to somebody else was named Goji:A dragon with Angel...a gag manga with simple jokes and a lot of ecchi and stuff...
Right now after seeing your artwork I'd recommend you to go slower...and start with a webcomic, most of them serve as a platform to get a work published or to attract attention and fandom.
I think there're several pics over the net, but right now I simply cleansed my PC from it (personal reasons) and I'm starting a new proyect which I guess it shall be ready by april.
So, keep going and practice...if you can draw 2 hours daily...draw 4 or 5...because there's a lot of competition on this branch.
I'd love to have some test subjects who can critique on just about EVERYTHING - artwork, structure, characters, etc. I'd like a few who won't be "Oh so gewd" or "oh so bad". Those who can manage 52638465258 paragraphs with critique. Well, not that long, but pretty detailed. ^__^

Sure, I'd love to help you out...drop me a pm and we can discuss everything as you like.

Great power...humanity has got to know it's limits...
~Vaal Zantseuken
Post #148490
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7:25 pm, Mar 31 2008
Posts: 116

I just came across this thread. Personally, I like manga with comedy more than drama and serious stuff; but it seems like you care a lot about your story and have put a lot of thought and effort into it, and I certainly respect that. I'm just wondering though, why do you want to get it published in Japan first? Why not publish it as an english-language series? (Tokyopop and a lot of other publishers are doing this more and more often) The idea that "it's not worth reading unless it's Japanese" is silly, and I think if you can make both the Japanese and Canadian settings believable and significant to the story (I feel there should be significance to her being Japanese beyond making her "cool" or "exotic"), it'd be an interesting mix of cultures. Consider differences in gender role/society's expectations in the different countries? When I read manga compared to something created from a western perspective, I think there are some big differences—our perception of "tomboy" could be a lot different from a Japanese one, and to me Maemi seems like she might be more of a westernized heroine than a believable Japanese one. But then again, it's not like i've deeply studied this stuff (gender expectations etc) so I may be making a big deal out of nothing. And you may already be thinking about these things yourself, so I don't mean them as critique so much as an outsider's first thoughts.

Anyway, I kinda got sidetracked, but I think your love for your story and the characters is great, and I'm impressed by your desire to share it with others! Good luck with it all biggrin

Post #148746
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4:29 am, Apr 1 2008
Posts: 91

First, I think the plot is good.. so yes, I'd read it, even though mystery sometimes reminds me of horror mangas.. xDD Still good though~

I think it needs some more originality though..and.. more realistic? All the bullying Maemi has to endure is kind of over the line.. and the plot is definitely wild. xD Some readers might get confused and everything.. like me. laugh

Post #153435
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11:12 am, Apr 13 2008
Posts: 165

I would try. Not sure whether I would like it or not though. From what you've mentioned so far, I would have a "couple gone wrong" feeling. A different member has already mentioned (I can't remember who) that Sunny must not be too dense and I agree with that because there is nothing more annoying than a person too blind or too stupid to figure out anything. But then on the other hand, there are many mangas (especially shoujo) which feature this situation.

I like the art but Sunny should be "darker" if you want him to be the strong silent type of guy.

Post #153987
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12:12 am, Apr 15 2008
Posts: 288

Seems interesting.

Though I'm not too sure on the whole 'girls bullying her and cutting her hair' situation...

I'm also from Canada and I have never even heard of shit like that happening. o_o. More like isolation...Adding the new language barriers would be a nice touch as well, since, most japanese people have a really thick accent...xD

Also, about the father, wouldn't the brother do something about it? o_o And a motive for his abuse would be supportive as well. (I'm not too keen on the abuse part because it's too dramatic for me)

"Mah...Mah..." - Creampan

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Post #158093
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Steven Stone<3

3:36 am, May 2 2008
Posts: 1063

I'm going to make a short update here.

Comedy has always been one of my fav genres, so I was planning to stick in comedy. It might not sound appropiate seeing as I'm dealing with delicate themes, but it's not as bad as it sounds.

Lys I appreciate your feedback. I'll personally reply to your post later because I. Have a lot to say about it. :3 And no time ATM.

And guys, I'm not going "extreme". dead You guys have to accept this type of bullying DOES happen IRL. Worse than this actually. One of my reasons why I want to make it as it is - accepting the facts of life. ;D

I've been sketching the characters at school and over the months the designs have evolutionized. I might scan some of my later sketches.

Not a large update but no time to spare ATM. Next time.

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Post #163301 - Reply to (#135168) by NightSwan

5:37 pm, May 18 2008
Posts: 11

Quote from NightSwan
Quote from JakeAteCake
First of all you should stop being so hyper and emotional, because it's really hard to read your post if you get off topic and overuse emoticons.

What's wrong with her being emotional?..
It can help her create great things..
Although I've read once "people who are interesting in person aren't good writers, people who are good writers are not interesting in person"
But that was written by a person who had his won view over things~.~

I think (s)he means to use less emoticons... But maybe I'm not reading it right.

But anyway.

Nice work, you could use some improvements. You need to keep striving to improve your storytelling and artistic skills. But remember, you need to try to appeal to the right audience.

Are you doing this for Canada, or for Japan?

Post #163308
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Mad With a Hat

5:54 pm, May 18 2008
Posts: 4767

Comedy is always good (love the genre personally), but I wonder how it's going to go with abuse. But oh well... I've never seen somethig like what you're intending to write (or, already written?^^). It would be nice to see your work.
You said you want a critique. If you're interested, I can help... (If you don't mind my spelling>.<).
roll eyes

Hrodulf and Bjornolfr, you will not be forgotten.
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you would be my rainbow in shades of grey.

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If I had a fantasy self, it'd be a tentacle monster.
Post #163311

5:59 pm, May 18 2008
Posts: 4

i would read that !!! smile
however, i'd need more romance hehe , cause i like that sort of things, and i'd need to see the drawings, for real... i know we shouldn't judge the book by its cover, but the truth is that i decide what to read first by looking at the drawings... first i download lots of manga based on the plot, and then i choose what to read by the drawings... not actually pretty drawings can destroy a great plot, so if you're not very confident than maybe that plot would be also good for a book... x)...
good luck though!!

Post #185152
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4:26 pm, Jul 30 2008
Posts: 8

If it interest me, I would read it ^^

I have read your story, too complex for me to understand ~_~. Is it a series or oneshot? How many volumes the story goes? How long does it take to complete?

About genres, I simply think you must ignore it. Maybe after 1 or 2 volumes, the series turn into "Mystery, Mature, Supernatural, Tragedy" smile wink grin

Don't worry about the art, the art doesn't play important roles. Art is for advertising! ^^ Most of the manga I like have average art, but great story (Skyhigh, Homunculus, Jiraishin,...), they're seinen though ^^;;

I have written about 3 or 4 stories so far, in words. I have no skill at drawing T_T. The longer the story goes, the more I get lost. I usually write the end of story first, write down background, write all possible way the character act, fix some mistakes in grammar and vocabulary. About the genre, I first wanted them to be "Romance, Slice of Life" , but in the end they ended up "Tragedy, Horror" T_T

I think good manga must have good story, then good art. Genres don't matter, author's nationality doesn't matter.

I get lost again +_+, don't know what I'm talking about anymore.

Post #185158
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5:02 pm, Jul 30 2008
Posts: 193

Yay for necromancy~ >_>

Anyway. I would probably read it, but it'd make more sense to tone down the father's abuse to more of neglect, but expecting her to do chores. Or maybe he could be bipolar or something, because if you live with someone, you'll naturally see their nice side once in a while.

As for Sunny's name, maybe you could make it sound like "sunny", but spelled differently. Because honestly, the only person I've ever even heard of named Sunny is from A Series of Unfortunate Events. O_o

Another thing is that you would absolutely HAVE to hint at these mystery elements beforehand, otherwise there would be a Claymore-esque turn of events.

Edit: Oh, another suggestion. Webcomic, perhaps?

Post #185170
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5:35 pm, Jul 30 2008
Posts: 340

TBH, it feels a lot like a Cinderella story. Then again, it's not a bad thing, those types of story often attract audiences. The plot interests me. Secondly, I like how you're setting it some place outside of Asia; it's seem fresh (I've rarely seen many anime/manga set outside of Asian countries). If you create it, I'll give it a try. As for continue reading it, I'll leave that to plot development. Sorry, if I seem blunt and/or critical.

Post #185181 - Reply to (#185158) by Yeran
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6:13 pm, Jul 30 2008
Posts: 145

Quote from Yeran
As for Sunny's name, maybe you could make it sound like "sunny", but spelled differently. Because honestly, the only person I've ever even heard of named Sunny is from A Series of Unfortunate Events. O_o

I had a classmate once named Sunny, and his head was as red as the sun biggrin..sorry for being off topic sad. Well, I think the plot is good, but you should think about why the father even took the girl and brought her all the way from Japan. I mean, if he wanted to like "slave" her around and stuff, why does he even make her go to school..? Also, giving her the freedom to go to school and back, doesn't that make him AND her weird? She could just go to the police, but she chooses not to...He could just keep her at the house all day, but he chooses not to...? I mean, come on...why would the father even let her have a proper education AND most importantly, let her go outside!?

Sorry for writing all this sad

Blood Haze
Post #299748
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1:36 am, Jun 21 2009
Posts: 65

Sorry you couldnt pay be to read this. Theres no blood and thus I would loose my sanity.

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( •_•)>⌐■-■
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