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8:41 pm, Mar 18 2011
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Okay so i read this manga like last year and at the end i was like wtf
i was so lost while reading the series and i tryed readng it again and got sooo confused...

Someone explain the plot?
Like what was going on.. and the ending confused me.. what happen O.o

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7:37 am, Nov 10 2012
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Well, everyone has a different point of view but I think, before the gate was completely broken, Al went to the other world to stop the vampires from crossing over to his world, thus he sacrificed himself for everyone's safety and also because he knows that he will turn into his dangerous vampire state again should he stay.

He doesn't want to harm his friends, so he rather turn back to his original vampire state to defeat the vampires in the other world. I'm not really sure what happened to the gate, but I guess they managed to close it up. Few years later, I dunno, maybe Al broke the gate himself and returned? The part when it was obscurely stated that he came back and Kei crying, rushing towards someone, clearly shows that Al had returned.

How he returned though was and still is a mystery. LOVED IT THOUGH~!

Hope me helps!! biggrin

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12:59 pm, Dec 6 2013
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thxx... d part where u said he returned to his original vampire state really helped! cuz it means he drank their blood to survive there...

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