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Do you hate your family?

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Post #554016

4:54 pm, Jun 1 2012
Posts: 23


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Post #554018
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5:12 pm, Jun 1 2012
Posts: 71

A for me.

I have a pretty peaceful family. My mom listens to my opinion and doesn't hover, Dad is actually too nice for his own good, my older sister can be annoying but whatever, my little brother and sister are the main source of my annoyance because they go out of their way to bother me. But all of this is part of a standard family, so I don't really mind it much.

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Post #554023
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6:07 pm, Jun 1 2012
Posts: 43

Definitely A

I have a weird, dysfunctional family, but who would I be without them? I'm the youngest, and the last one to live at home. My father and I have a strange relationship. I cook, yell at him for not cleaning, make him stay home when he's sick... but he's still my Dad smile And my siblings? They drive me crazy sometimes. All four of them. They all live far away now but it just gives me a lot of places to visit!
It makes me really sad when I see people I care about without that. I see people with all the money in the world, but whose parents don't act like they love them. It's really heartbreaking to me. To all of you who answered C, hugs all around!

"Si nada nos salva de la muerte, al menos que el amor nos salve de la vida." - Pablo Neruda
Post #554406
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Eye See Me

8:31 pm, Jun 3 2012
Posts: 50

A - I absolutely love my family no matter what!

Even though, for about 4 years of my childhood, my father was a drunk, he was never sober. My sister has threatened to kill me many times (she attempted 5 times in the last 5 years)....she's on medication, but that's giving her a split personnality. There are lots of other small but big details that add up to them, but I would rather leave it at that. It's a big story.

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Post #636250
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6:28 pm, Mar 15 2014
Posts: 412

A - all the way.

After reading many posts here I think I am blessed. My parents have been married for 20 years and are happy. They do argue like little kids though. I usually scold them for that. My brother and I used to fight all the time before. Now the fights are few and far in between and very very silly. I love my family. I spend at least an hour each morning and night with them just chatting about random things. And I wouldn't have it any other way. Touch wood.

I think a good family life is a necessity to be happy. I can't imagine a life without it.

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Post #636261
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7:16 pm, Mar 15 2014
Posts: 1177

A It is, I guess...

I don't hate them, but I don't really love them, just, like, maybe..
Ok, I guess I love them a bit...

This includes my whole family, from aunts to uncles, etc...
Never really got attached to them anyway...

But I do love my cousin(s), lol... laugh
Yeah, I love her(them)..

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Post #636265
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7:46 pm, Mar 15 2014
Posts: 33

Mix A and B.

I don't hate them, I just find them hilariously ridiculous enough sometimes.
Though I'm quite neutral, overall.

i immediately regret posting this
Post #636280
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8:28 pm, Mar 15 2014
Posts: 132

I love my mother and grandma (she's like a 7yr old kid now), and they are the only people from the family I have contact with.
The rest is either dead, doesn't care at all or hates me (step-sister, and I really mean it)

So it sums up to A I suppose?

Post #636315
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3:24 am, Mar 16 2014
Posts: 1610

A & B.
I hate my family occasionally. Love them more than hate!

My older sister and I are really close but sometimes we get into arguments like when she would stretch out my clothes and steal them.

My mother is schizophrenic and I love her when she's normal but she can get a bit mean sometimes when she's not mentally well.

I don't have a large family nor do I have relatives in the USA. So it only applies to my mother and sister.

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Post #636320
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3:50 am, Mar 16 2014
Posts: 122

Contradicting opinions on mine. I can say yes I do and at the same time no I don't. By all means, I should, and I do, but at the same it's what I'm born with, and since I like myself, I by extension accept "family". Yea I do hate them, but I've accepted them all the same. So C fits best.

My mom... well, my aunt I suppose, since I'm adopted, she's... a child. Yes, that's the best description. An arrogant, selfish, princess, spoiled by my grandma and those around her. Being the only daughter means even my grandpa was softer on her, neighbours adoring her, and a huge salary from the moment she entered society. Not to mention the freedom I never had... Well in any case, she never had trouble, she never knew guys, and of course, she never gave birth to kids. She's still just a kid, not the kind like my dad who jokes around as if he never grew up, but an adult that throws fits like a child. Basically, that means, trouble for me. Have to suit her every whim... She knows she can't win against me playing fair, so up until now, it's always been suppression, hitting, swearing, and somehow or another lower my worth. The point is, I doubt she knows. She spoils me after all, she's just too emotional. I never lack anything physically, but I seriously lack everything else. Dearest wish is to place a smack on her cheeks one of these days. Or perhaps next life I can be her parent and execute my revenge...

As for my dad... well... at least he impresses me. He's an annoying kid who never grew up. That's the best description. If you have the patience to play with a kid, you'd be fine. If you don't, you'd be pulling your hair out. Cause this time... it's my turn to never be able to win against someone. But yea, he's intolerable but he have parts that I can respect thus I do like him in fact.

My birth mom is automatically eliminated. I don't know her, don't care either. Curious at one point, but meeting her once satisfied that. As for stepmom, well... I don't like her, but she's not important enough. She's an extension to my brother. I do like HIM. I adored him at one point, in fact, up until a few years ago. Don't even ask about my uncle though, haven't met him until last year, and he's a pain in the ass since I've met him. Annoying, doesn't know his place, pokes his nose in where he shouldn't, oversteps his boundaries, and most of all, my mom/aunt demands that I like him and call him Uncle. No, never. I say. Dislike him, since he acts family despite being a stranger. My bro feels the same, treats him nicely and respectfully, only cause he's an outsider.

In on sentence, my family elders are closer to being my equals than being respected elders, since they themselves don't act like it despite all the demanding. I can never depend on them when I seriously need help, but they are always there when I don't. = = Kinda useless, no?

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Post #636460
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10:01 am, Mar 17 2014
Posts: 245


My mother is really argumentative. She thinks she's always right and she would never stop nagging until you see things her way. She went as far as to say that she has no flaws and gets livid when I tell her that she's so moody. She's also selfish.
My stepfather is always tired and rarely disciplines my siblings.
My younger brother always gets part of our food money just so he can spend it playing games. He's also twisted and would wreck things when he's not given what he wants even if it makes life hard for the people around him. He kicks and slaps my mother and does the same to me. He never ever helps with the chores and I'm the only one left to do it since my mother always claims that she's hurting somewhere. He's also the favorite of our parents since his the only son and he's goodlooking. I cook and do the chores but since there's little food because he gets the money, I often don't have anything to eat. He's smart but often skips school but will insist on getting his daily allowance.
My younger sister is rarely home. She makes up stories about why she takes so long before going home. Just so she can avoid our mother and the household chores.

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Post #636465
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Evil Little Kid

10:20 am, Mar 17 2014
Posts: 436

I love my family even though we have disagreements.
I think that even if my family is dysfunctional (which it is), I would never be able to hate them or want to be part of another family.

Thank God, we are a very close family and we have a good relationship (based on boundaries sometimes) and can openly communicate with each other.

"Beware How You Take Hope From Another Man."
Post #636472
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Forever Young

1:03 pm, Mar 17 2014
Posts: 219

It's a mixture of A,B,C

I only hate my father. But I love my mother and other siblings.
I don't get along with my father most of the time.
I sometimes hate him to the point of cursing him.
I suffer from physical (like punching, slapping, breaking things), mental, verbal and emotional abuse from him.
I sometimes wish he would just drop dead.
Despite all of this drama, some part of me cannot hate him completely. Maybe because he is still family and that wouldn't change no matter what I do.
All I want to do right now is to be completely independent and cut as much communication and ties from him.

It's time for me to fly and find a place where I would truly belong.

Last edited by princess_bubblegum at 3:45 pm, Mar 17

"The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it."
- Albert Einstein
Post #636929
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9:49 pm, Mar 20 2014
Posts: 11

Its A for me

All families have ups and downs, drives you crazy sometimes, flat out lazy at times and some just don't give a crap about you. But they are the ones that makes life worth living sometimes, either to prove them wrong or to protect the ones you really care about.
My family is a crazy bunch, but my life is much better with them in it even when am angry to the point of wishing that person would just disappear, i still love them eyes

~Everyone has a voice, but it's up to you to decide how you want to be heard.~
Post #640662
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11:24 pm, Apr 29 2014
Posts: 250

Definitely A for me. My family life could be a sitcom of some sort and laughter is like fresh air or music to me, especially since I have a certain inclination towards depression (yes, I acknowledge the paradox). Our greatest mishap is that we can't see eye-to-eye when it comes to politics but still, being the most radical of them all, I never felt anything closer to a repressive environment because of that. Quite the contrary, we debate on every possible topic and that kind of intellectual stimulus and "open-ness" is constantly making way for personal improvement, as far as I'm concerned.

Of course I mean the core of my family, which includes my parents and my brother. I'm not attached to anyone else in my family and their physical existence in the same terrestrial world and historical period as myself goes perfectly unnoticed by me and them alike.

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