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Do you hate your family?

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Post #543706
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2:51 pm, Apr 3 2012
Posts: 133

A all the way biggrin
My little brother is so cute (well, not always... he turns 15 soon bigrazz) and my parents have been married almost 20 years and they still act like newlyweds biggrin
I think I have the best family in the world ^^
But I can't say the same about my relatives... T-T

Post #543710
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Manga Eater

3:13 pm, Apr 3 2012
Posts: 442

My immediate family is my whole world. Excluding my father, who's not even living with us anymore. And we're kind of the black sheep; we don't fit in well with his side of the family. We don't hate them though... we just don't see each other.

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Follow fashion, act normal;
Walk on the pavement, watch T.V.;
Save for retirement, obey the law.
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Planetes Aster
Post #544075
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The Wandering Star

10:49 am, Apr 5 2012
Posts: 44

I love my family. They're my whole world. They still care for me even when I do shit craps.
Especially my parents, they work hard to pay for my living (yes, it's their responsibilities after all).
And they really help me a lot through the hardships in my life.
I guess they were sent from above laugh
Even though in the past, they had quarrels and wanted to divorce, but everything turns out fine in the end. The same thing happen to most of family, I guess.
I really adore them.for being so caring to us, that's why they get back together.
And they sometimes mock me around and get mad of me, but I'm sure they do it for my own good.

And for the topic starter, I guess what everyone said to you is right. You gotta report it to the police.
Those kind of people are not supposed to be parents dead They're horrible. mad

Post #544728
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4:15 pm, Apr 9 2012
Posts: 11

Well, I don't really hate them but they annoy the shit out of me.
They don't take me serious, they're control freaks and they always try to keep me down by saying that I'm lazy, stupid and can't do anything right.
My father likes to scream at me for nothing and calls me a whore as soon a I wear a shirt or shoes with heels -.-
My mother always searches my room, is angry with me for weeks when I don't do what she says and forbids me to spend even one freaking night at my friends home.
Seriously, I'm happy when I can finally move out dead

"Es ist nicht unsere Aufgabe, einander näher zu kommen, so wenig wie Sonne und Mond zueinander kommen oder Meer und Land....Unser Ziel ist, einander zu erkennen und einer im anderen das zu sehen und ehren zu lernen, was er ist: des andern Gegenstück und Ergänzung." (Hermman Hesse)
Post #544730

4:22 pm, Apr 9 2012
Posts: 35

I don't hate my family. I cherish them though I refuse to show much. smile

Post #544750
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5:57 pm, Apr 9 2012
Posts: 764

All my family beside my brother and my mother (who i see once every week more or less) is dead. I live with my brother and i love him. (the situation does not bother me at all, so "A" i suppose)
If you take blood related as family, i think i also have a father but i have no idea where he is. Terrible life you have, i was hit as a child and i know one feels really weak, i grow up to be really big so it stopped been a problem soon, but i suppose for a woman is a bit harder (sorry if this sound sexist)
I'm quite lucky if compared with you tough. none

Edit: After re-reading my post, i come to the conclusion that i might had sound sarcastic, i wasn't trying to, I meant that i was lucky that i have a lot of "me" time, and i'm already at collage with a nice technical degree so i had nothing to be sad about.


Last edited by BlackOrion at 6:06 pm, Apr 9

Post #544756
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6:33 pm, Apr 9 2012
Posts: 136

A.-Definitely looove my family, is true that we fight all the time, but that's part of being a family, (just with them you can vent out and the next hour act like if nothing happens... bigrazz)all of us are crazy but in the hard time we're very supportive of each other, my family is just perfect for me..

PD i realize that most of the people that hate their family is about 15-20...sad to say, yes, but hope with time they can have a different point of view, cus they're ... well... family! eyes

Post #544761
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super n00b

7:09 pm, Apr 9 2012
Posts: 54

i used to hate them, but now its not so much....

"Your words cut deeper than a knife.."
Post #544762
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Sims3 Maniac

7:14 pm, Apr 9 2012
Posts: 378

A, I don't love my family, but then again, my family isn't in such a ... choatic state.

My parents fight 24/7, but they've never been married and they don't live in the same house thankfully. I'm often thrown into the middle of their arguments, but it's over soon enough *though it happens yet again*

For the most part, my parents do care about me and love me. My little siblings are annoying, but what siblings aren't?

I suggest getting away from your family indeed. Something is bound to explode from the sounds of it...

Why, hello there!!!
Post #545071
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2:49 pm, Apr 11 2012
Posts: 278

A I do not hate my family.
I wouldn't say I love them but I don't hate them. I've never hated my family.
Strangely enough, for me, I used to have shouting matches with my mum all the time when I was a kid (younger than 11). They gradually stopped and I haven't had a full blown argument with my mum since. I suppose my personality is to just not rise to what my mum says when she's angry so we don't have any fights. My dad rarely gets angry, and when he does I don't get angry, just upset.
My parents are really good about other stuff though. They never decide anything for me; they don't tell me to study, tell me what I'm going to do, stop me from choosing what I want (schoolwise) etc. Sounds like I'm spoilt lol but it's more because they know if they tell me what to do I will do what I want anyway (about important stuff)
Don't really see my family apart from my parents all that often and both my mum and dad's sides are nice enough. I think my dad has an estranged sister or two but we never talk about them so mostly I forget they exist.

I am the master of my fate;
I am the captin of my soul.
William Ernest Henely

I rate manga with 5 being the average score.
Post #545136
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A dignified

7:20 pm, Apr 11 2012
Posts: 508

For the most part I tolerate most people.

"People don't change, they just give in."
Kubera is the best.
User Posted Image
Post #545543

10:04 am, Apr 14 2012
Posts: 9

I guess it's B.
Well i will never forgive them that they wouldn't help me when i was bullied. i mean one of them was a friend of my brother. i was really scared as he decided to visit my brother.. i even told my mother, but the only thing she tells me is: i shouldn't get up over it...
good thing that he doesn't live here anymore.. smile

Pinky Poison
Post #553853
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6:53 pm, May 31 2012
Posts: 33

No, why would I? My family used to have big arguments and wanted to divorce in the past, but everything's fine now. Sometimes, my parents get angry at me for no reason, and there are times when we argue but I don't hate them smile

Last edited by Pinky Poison at 7:11 am, Jun 1

Post #553866
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8:10 pm, May 31 2012
Posts: 7777

I rarely see my family nowadays.
While my parents divorced over 15 years ago,
it didn't really leave any bitterness in me or anything of the like,
as it was not all that messy. While my father was did use physical
discipline, there wasn't all that much of a reason for that since us
kids behaved pretty well.
The youngest of my siblings turned 20 this spring,
so we aren't exactly in the phase where we bicker under the
same roof. I think some distance does good at times.
My mother is very overbearing, so it is refreshing to have
some space for breathing. She focuses far less on that nagging
stuff when she knows that our time together is limited.
I rarely see my father as he lives in a city where I don't have
a reason to go to that often and even when I do, he might not be there at the time.
Haven't seen my sister for a year or so soon and I do miss her at times
as she is most of the time better company than my brother, being
far more understanding and compassionate.
My brother is a hipster in denial, enough said.
I have no reason to hate my family. I don't think they could ever
make me hate them. Out of all of us, I am the worst as a human being
and still wouldn't wrong them in a way that could cause friction.
Family ties aren't temporary, at least they shouldn't be.
Other people have passed, are passing and will pass, but they stay.

Post #553894

10:47 pm, May 31 2012
Posts: 11

All together: no, Individual: somewhat

I feel that the relationship between me and dad is stable. He talks to me and listen to me. Sometimes he jokes around and can get mad from time to time. But other than that, he is fun to have as a dad.

My mom and I argue so much and when I try to talk to her she closes her eyes and walks off. The only excuse for her that I can think of is she is deaf. That is bad. I know. But, even though she is deaf, she can read lips very well. She is annoying sometimes and pisses me of sometimes, but i still love her... somehow.

My brother is an in between kind of guy. Younger than me but annoying and mean as hell. Sometimes he is nice and can be kind of bothersome. When i watch anime or read manga he says this all the time: "One at a time, I don't want my computer to lag, and then I lose in my game." He would every night, even now, come over to my room, sit on my lap/ chair, looks at my history, look what i am watch/reading, say stuff about it, and WILL NOT leave. Come on now.... where is my computer privacy?

The only thing bad about my family as a whole: definitely will not let me live the house to hang out with anybody

Other than all this, I love them

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