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Should I read it?

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5:58 am, May 5 2011
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I'm a fan of romance, but I don't like it when the girl someone likes is another guy'a girlfriend, or vice versa. Nor do I like it when the relationships become uselessly complicated. I want to read this manga for slow, real life romances with happy endings. Does it meet my criteria?(I don't mind spoilers)

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6:12 am, May 5 2011
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Hi, there! On your 1st premise, a male character here likes the girl of his clubmate, but it unveils itself on latter chapters, and does not complicate the couple's relationship. There're not much complicated relationships here, only realistic- at least for me. Romance is not a forced element here, but is present and often talked about on later chapters. I guess it doesn't hurt your criteria at all! It may start slow at first, but gets really interesting the further the read! smile

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