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Anyone found neko kiss?

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8:56 pm, May 8 2011
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Its by the same author and supposedly it was the original series before Oreimo; kuroneko was the first character he designed. Anyone have it?

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9:09 pm, May 8 2011
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What exactly are you looking for?

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8:36 am, May 11 2011
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Kuroneko was not designed by the mangaka. Nobody in the manga was. OreImo is based off of a light novel series under the same name.

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6:38 am, May 12 2011
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I don't understand your question, Did you mean this? ->

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8:17 am, May 16 2011
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Wow, it was not "kiss" but Sis.

But quoting the page TheZero put

千夜子 Chiyako

For readers of “my sister”, you will probably find her very similar to a certain black cat in the story. For non-readers, do not worry, the stories do not seem linked in any way. Chiyako is the second in line of the family of four, the eldest is a different type of cat spirit, and is considered different from the other three sisters. Chiyako is a cool, calm black cat, which likes to bully others, yet at the same time, her love for her family can be seen very easily. She is a heavy otaku, with a love for 18x games and some guy x guy stories. Reason for her wanting to be a human? “Because cat palms aren’t good to play games with.” What more can I say?

This character is about 80% Kuroneko, 10% Kirino and 10% Sena, or is it backwards XD

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