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I want a fresh manga

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1:40 am, May 13 2011
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Do you guys know any manga that has a genre of josei, romance and comedy? Nodame Cantabile had come to an end and i can't find any manga that is good to read. Usually about sappy romances and it's too corny. I've read Futago and its humour is like Nodame but it's being updated slowly..

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3:09 am, May 13 2011
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Uhmm... Gokusen may keep you busy. Though episodic, it's got insane situational comedy. Romance is not the main focus, but it was pretty refreshing in my opinion. The art grows on you for sure (or at least, the character design for the female lead changes a bit). biggrin

Kimi wa Pet? The heroine's feelings/inner-turmoils are pretty cute and funny.

Advanced Search: Comedy+Josei+Romance+Completely Scanlated excludes hentai, ecchi, loli/shota/GL/BL/tragedy, ranked by rating

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5:49 am, May 13 2011
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I'll give you something fresh Cornelia... yeahhhh~ oh yeah~

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9:36 am, May 13 2011
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I'd say Hotaru no Hikari is pretty refreshing biggrin

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insomniac Kagehime

10:04 am, May 13 2011
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Seigi no Mikata
Hapi Mari

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8:02 am, May 15 2011
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thank you so much guys. i'll look up for those. biggrin

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11:09 am, May 15 2011
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try Cheese in the Trap though it's a manwha but i guarantee you that you won't be disappointed XD

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