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5:16 am, May 22 2011
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Anyone seriously disappointed in the final chapter so far (29a) ?
Like seriously? Seriously?

I hate how "Perfect" it is. It felt like everything was a slow lead up to something amazing. It was on the cusp of AWESOME and now this.

So. Disappoint.

Anyone else as disapointed as me? roll eyes

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12:00 pm, May 22 2011
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Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I hate it...

hate it so much...
why did Euan must die?!?!?!
I'm so disappointed.

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3:15 am, May 23 2011
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dude! it was flat! like . . . pan cake flat! i mean what the heck? is that it? or do we have to wat for another month? the mangaka just slammed on the floor like.."hey pips! here's ur ending!" cause
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
why the heck would euan die? i mean i dont really mind him dying and all but . . . so soon? at least itll be cool if he died cause he's protecting jeremy (or so what i know his name is) and ray? what the heck is wrong with this mangaka (sorry im really mad about the ending) she/he just slammed it! like . . . ray and angela? and the pervy guy (forgot his name) became a soldier? while the lead heroine . . . JEREMY DISAPPEARED like a bubble in the air?! are you serious Dx ?! argh,
i aint wanna get mad bout the author nor the story but . . . . i spent my time reading this so good manhwa , cause really its becoming intese so much that my eyes are popping out my head .. . . (i even signup at Janimes to read the remaining chapter (v.v) . . .. and i expected more and longer, or maybe if she ended it like only one chapter left, she should have
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
made it more interesting , cause a lot of potential men, like arghh!! im really pissed! that the ending is like "period" (literally) after some random guy killed euan

well it says at the baka up status that the manga is still ongoing so ill just hold unto that hope
but i agree cry cry cry . .. . (to the other comments i mean) it was so good and bang! your dead biggrin dead biggrin dead

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3:19 pm, May 25 2011
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>: (
I'm so mad! I finished it and was like, huh? It doesn't make any sense and it is so pathetic i don't want to read anything else by this author! It didn't even look like jeremy at the end:/ and wtf about euans death? there wasn't any point to it! sad

and all the plot holes....gaaa....i wanted to see more of the maid and will, that was the only part of the story i liked. and when did angela turn out to be so nice?

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5:32 pm, May 25 2011
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well, ya, it is such a rushed ending , but at least it is not a sad ending.... like most of Hyeon-Sook Lee's other work ....and Ray and Gab finally get together in the end...

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Slumbering Remnant

2:38 am, Jun 11 2011
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Spoiler (mouse over to view)
I was really really shocked that Euan died...I never expected that. But, either way ray is my favorite character...the ending when he finally met Jeremy was nice. I wish there was more to it
..I felt as if it was slightly rushed if you know what I mean.

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2:36 pm, Nov 3 2011
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i don't know why, but i didnt like this manga.
i did like it at the beginning but after volume 3 i felt like things were so rushed and every 2 pages someone will kiss the main character for no apparent reason
i sensed that the ending would be something cheesy like this
meh i feel like i wasted my time reading this.

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9:20 am, Nov 27 2011
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I'm confused, is he married to angela? I thought so but then she said somethings like "how is the family business going?" and "you can live with me", as if they didn't live under the same roof/ hadn't seen each other in a while. Also, when he said "angela is now a mother of two", isn't it weird that he doesn't refer to himself if those two children are his?

But then again, I don't know where her two children would have come from .__. I'm soooo confused.

As for the ending, it was way too rushed for me to feel any emotional inclination......overall the manhwa was kind of disappointing anyways :\ I really wish i liked this more. But it was like the mangaka tried to fuse shoujo elements with dark josei-ish ones. One minute the main girl is getting herself into these ridiculous face-close-blushing-kiss-me-now scenes with LIKE EVERY SINGLE GUY and then the next scene, there's something with murder slash blood slash omg-character-inversion. The whole "romance" was delivered very the point where I wish i went to read a cliche shoujo instead no

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4:28 am, Sep 19 2012
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I like the ending because
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Gabriel and Ray end up Together. I did not like Euan because he was too forceful and most of the mangas that I've read the girl chooses the stronger male. I'm glad that in this one she ended with Ray cause he's so cute and he suffered so much.

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5:41 am, Apr 22 2013
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The ending isn't much to my liking. The ending was rather rush in volume 7. I preferred Eun for Gabriel. I was hoping even in the end. Ah my heart. The way Eun died also agonized me. Poor Eun. Why sensei? Why did you even created the tensions (between him and Gabriel)? That self sacrificing Eun and then have him killed? *huh huh huh*

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6:53 am, Jun 12 2013
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I really love this author arts but I don't like her way to end her story , yes this work is end a better way than the other works of this author , but I really really hate euan dead. why!!!!! why he must be killing !?!?!?!?
It's much better if gabriel and euan be together .
When I see ray and gabriel lay on the bed , it's feels like sis and bro.
And there are another point , the story is ending so rush , there are material for another 2 or 3 vol for develop the story...

All the story I read about lee hyeon sook is like this , end so rush and ruin a very good storyline.....

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