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Secretly rooting for Abekawa Sou

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2:59 am, May 26 2011
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I love Shindou and Ichirou. I do hope that Shindou and Uru would hurry and get together soon because I already know they will end up together. I prefer Ichirou over Shindou more but nothing I can do about that. But when Sou comes into the picture, I can't help just rooting for him to do something to Uru. It feels like he should be the main love interest sometimes. His smile that he gives her sometimes is just so freaking adorable. Even more then Ichirou's little mischievous smile. Sometimes. bigrazz

Am I the only one secretly rooting for Abekawa Sou when he interacts with Uru?

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6:49 pm, Jun 23 2011
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I know, ):
that guy is really cute and the way they fight and stuff and the smiles n___n
hahahaha but we all know who's the real guy for her ¬¬
even though I also like sou for her ):

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Flame Road

7:46 pm, Jun 23 2011
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why do the author create so many characters that we will love. I love ichirou and sou best though. I know who she might end up with but im hoping for a surprise. Sou is adorable and i do find myself rooting for him but i still root for ichirou. I love him.

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insomniac Kagehime

9:11 pm, Jun 23 2011
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i just read chapter 68 and almost got a heart attack in the end. Sou is such a adorable tsundere.

that´s bad.. i can´t stop the fangirling

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9:26 pm, Jun 23 2011
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Now I need to get caught up with this manga.
I'm rooting for Sou even if it's a hopeless cause.
Sou is so cute with Uru.

Looking for... shoujo with a canned peach confession.
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4:42 am, Jul 3 2011
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Agreed. He's just so innocent and adorable... so he matches with Uru, lol. When he blushes, he makes me fangirl so much <3 <3 <3 He's just soooo cute! It's so depressing... it's obvious who she's going to end up with, but I am still rooting for Sou. biggrin

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