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Banana Fish (Akimi Yoshida)

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2:11 pm, Jun 10 2011
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Hello, new to the site so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section.

I've read a bit of Banana Fish online and now want to buy the series, however I'm a little confused.

I've seen what I can make out to be 2 different looking book series.

A. The first few series start reading from left to right then later on in the series read right to left.

B. Another series of Banana fish where some of the front cover images are different to "A" and the entire series read right to left.

so are A and B the same, maybe "B" is a second edition (2nd printing)?

Can anyone enlighten me on this before I start buying.

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12:56 am, Jun 11 2011
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Yep, B is a second edition, with everything reading right to left, and in the standard US manga size. (First editions were larger.) I hear the translation's slightly different, too, but only slightly. Like, swears toned down. I can't verify that firsthand, though.

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3:37 pm, Jun 11 2011
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Hey oriana3k, thanks for the info. oh and I had no idea the first edition were larger.

I didn't think anyone would reply, so thank you again, now I can sort out my order =)

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