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Asian Boybands

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Skinny Kazoo
Post #477682
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3:48 am, Jun 22 2011
Posts: 146

How do Asian boybands differ from american ones? Just curious...I neither like nor dislike american ones

Is the music style different than over here?

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Post #477684
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4:03 am, Jun 22 2011
Posts: 672

I will always love DBSK, despite the seperation between the members. DBSK and JYJ forever~!

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Post #477686 - Reply to (#477682) by Skinny Kazoo
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4:15 am, Jun 22 2011
Posts: 103

Quote from Skinny Kazoo
How do Asian boybands differ from american ones? Just curious...I neither like nor dislike american ones

Is the music style different than over here?

Hmmm..... some. But that's doesn't help does it.

Most boy band in America are Rock bands. They don't rap (most of the time), they dress in more of a normal american way ( I find boy bands in Korea dress girl-ish), oh and Shinee is very how do I say this, tend to share skinship (hugs and such). American dude (ha! hell NO, they'd punch the dude before that)

All Time Low: A popular boy punk band, formed in 2003.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Alexander Gaskarth (vocalist and rhythm guitarist)
Jack Barakat (lead guitarist and backing vocalist)
Zachary Merrick (bassist and back vocalist)
Rian Dawson (drummer)

They're your average American boy band. Have a rebellious attitude, like to have fun, and date other people.

But South Korea on the other hand.

For example:

Shinee: A popular contemporary and R&B band, debuted in 2008.

Spoiler (mouse over to view)
Onew (vocalist and leader)
Jonghyun (main vocalist)
Key: (rapper and singer)
Minho: (rapper)
Taemin: (main dancer and vocalist)

Ughhh you notice none of them seem to play instruments in this? Yeah, I haven't seen any band do that.

I guess it's Americans play their music and South Korea dances to it.

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Post #477687
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Crazy Cat Lady

4:27 am, Jun 22 2011
Posts: 1850

Well...maybe I'm just too old, but when I think of American boybands, I think of groups like New Kids on the Block, which were (are?) similar to Asian boybands in that they were put together by an agency (not formed on their own), and dance & sing but don't play instruments (though Tokio, which is Japanese and technically a "boyband", do play their instruments).

From what I've seen, Japanese boybands are all about the visuals as well as the music - flashy costumes, elaborate choreography, etc. And yeah, those guys do a lot more touching each other than American guys would be comfortable with. laugh

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Post #477688 - Reply to (#477682) by Skinny Kazoo
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4:43 am, Jun 22 2011
Posts: 318

Quote from Skinny Kazoo
How do Asian boybands differ from american ones? Just curious...I neither like nor dislike american ones

Is the music style different than over here?

well depends on what you mean from American boy band.
There are many Japanese bands and some Korean bands that would be like the equivalent to American bands. Meaning they both have their vocalists and play instruments.
and example is The Gazette(Japan), F.T. Island(Korea) and All Time Low(American). They are all bands but play different types of music.
Japan has different types of actual bands. They have visual k bands, they have more hardcore bands like UVERworld, and their bands branch out to different types of music.
South Korea doesn't really have many actual bands. The two popular bands are CN Blue and F.T. Island and a newer group called LED Apple
American bands are all over the place and they branch out to country bands, rock bands, metal bands, screamo bands, and so on.

If you mean like actual boy band like group than they are pretty similar.
Arashi(Japan), Kat-tun(Japan), SS501(Korea), TVXQ(Korea) and for America it would probably be like The Backstreet Boys and Nsync. America is over the whole boy band things but Japanese and South Korean boy bands focus a lot on their overall appearance, the choreography, and of course their vocals. Of course they are all boy bands but they have different genres too.
Japan has a really happy style. They have very cheerful music and you'll notice that a couple like Hey! Say! JUMP that carry the cute concept and stuff like that.
South Korean bands are kind of all over the place with their concepts. INFINITE's newest single was Nothings Over and it was a cute concept. 2PM on the other hand took the club scene and jumpy style with their newest album. And you'll notice that their groups are very good looking and do some difficult choreo.
American boy bands(groups) are basically dead.

They are all basically the same thing but just presented in a different way.

Last edited by neonkitty at 4:52 am, Jun 22

Post #477961
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7:54 am, Jun 23 2011
Posts: 14

I do listening to many asian boy/girlbands' songs, but I dont really know about the members, nor abt most of their names. I just know the name of the member I like from some of korean/japanese reality show I watch. I'm not a fanatic fangirl, for real x)

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Post #485342

7:41 am, Jul 28 2011
Posts: 9

I like MBLAQ, Big Bang, Super Junior, B2ST, 2PM and Shinee

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Post #485344
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7:43 am, Jul 28 2011
Posts: 245

I like MBLAQ its my number 1 favorite band atm, Big Bang, Super Junior, B2ST/Beast, 2PM and TVXQ

Post #485345
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7:48 am, Jul 28 2011
Posts: 146

I don't know if you'd call them a boy band, but I've always really liked "Flow" ever since I first heard the "Fighting Dreamer" Naruto Opening back when I still watched anime.

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Post #485347
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8:12 am, Jul 28 2011
Posts: 797

I do like SHINee a lot. I almost started learning Korean since I wanted to understand their songs, but then they debuted in Japan so it's not a problem anymore bigrazz I really hope they do Lucifer in Japanese. They're the only Asian boyband I'd probably say I'm a fangirl of >_<. But I don't really watch any shows they're on or buy merchandise or anything like that. I also like Big Bang, Beast/B2ST, Tohoshinki (TVXQ) and therefore JYJ too, but not enough to look for their MVs or even... learn their names... I only really listen to their Japanese songs though. I just don't understand any Korean and I find it really hard to memorise the sounds so I can sing along... so I'm really quite glad Asian artists tend to cross over to other markets and work in other languages. Weirdly of the Japanese boybands I've heard, I don't really like their music, and that's the most important thing for me. So I end up listening to Korean groups singing in Japanese... but most of the artists I listen to are actually Japanese. Just not the boybands I guess.

I don't really know much about American music to be able to agree the American boyband is dead, but I know that kind of boyband (no instruments, probably do choreographed dancing, all pretty good-looking + stylish, lots of female fans) is still pretty big in the UK. For example:
Take That (majorly popular with middle-aged women, 11 no. 1 singles, 7 no. 1 albums!!)

Then there are the bands who do more current stuff and are probably closer to young Asian groups like SHINee or Big Bang, for example:
JLS (top of UK iTunes singles chart atm, they came second on UK X Factor in 2008)
The Wanted (no. 1 on the UK singles chart currently, only formed last year I think).

Seems to me the level of fan crazy is on a completely different level in Asia though.

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Post #485348
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8:44 am, Jul 28 2011
Posts: 348

I do like some asian boybands like Orange Range. I dont know if Beat Crusaders count.... I dont know many boybands but i am willing to took them up. I love SCANDAL but thats an asian girlband. But they are my favourite hands down. I really want to see them in concert.

Post #485354
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9:35 am, Jul 28 2011
Posts: 591

Justin Bieber is the U.S./Canada version of a boyband, his fans are probably just as crazy if not crazier then asian boy band fan girls . laugh

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Post #486629
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S h i c h i

8:24 pm, Aug 2 2011
Posts: 46

BIGBANG - GD & Seungri is sooo sexy~

Super Junior - I love their Music!!

SHINee - Hot, hot Key & Taemin.

B2ST - There music is awesome <3

2PM - They sung for Ao No Exorcist ending 1. Plus I like the song "Again & Again" though it quite got a bit low.

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Post #487846
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10:40 pm, Aug 7 2011
Posts: 3

To answer your question, I'd have to say I do like Asian boybands. But to be specific I really like kpop boybands. This could be because their more westernize. Plus I really don't mind how big the band is either (well unless its that group called A-Peace (I think) with 21 members, because they sound more like a boys choir than a band). I would also state the boybands I like but I like way too many for a bunch of different reasons (although for some reason I really don't like Shinee).

Nice topic I was a bit curious about this too. laugh

Post #488645
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8:41 pm, Aug 10 2011
Posts: 18

I really love BIG BANG, because all the members are different and unique and they all just have great personalities, I love all of them. I think they're very talented and creative. G-Dragon is a fashionista, he can sing, dance, rap, and he writes a lot of their songs. T.O.P has amazing rapping skills. And he's so funny and charismatic. TaeYang has such a smooth voice and awesome moves. DaeSung has a lot of personality. SeungRi is the best maknae ever, and is HILARIOUS. However, it has kind of irked me how they use auto tune now when they really don't need to.

Super Junior, some of their songs and dances are catchy, but there are so many people in the group. I haven't really looked into them much. .___. Oh, and this is really random, but in Mr. Simple (the song) I love it when they guy says "alright." lololol.

SNSD, I dislike. There are too many girls in the group, and they all look the same. They just seem kinda fake.

Super Junior and SNSD are both from SM Entertainment, and I think they really go for appearances and towards dancing more than singing. However, they also created SHINee, who I love. They are really good at dancing, and their choreography matches their songs. I like their singing. I'm no expert and could be totally wrong, but it doesn't seem like they use as much autotune as some other groups. And the members are really adorable. I just got into them, so I can't say much about their personalities, but I love Key. Minho's cute, Taemin's cute, Jonghyun is kinda scary looking but not in a bad way, and Onew's just Onew. ._.

2NE1, I like them. They're from YG, just like BIG BANG, and I think YG goes more for talent than appearances. They're different from other girl groups, they're more rough. However, I'm not really into girl groups, so I never tried out f(x), 4minute, Wondergirls, etc. CL's a good leader and rapper, Minzy's a good dancer, and Dara and Bom have hilarious personalities. I like their songs, but some of them use quite a lot of autotune, but it's just their style. (note: I'm not really sure about autotune, but their voices just are really 'electronical.') They don't need it, but it fits with their songs.

edit: I just remembered. This is about boy bands. Scratch out SNSD and 2NE1. >_>

Last edited by oinkmoorawr at 8:50 pm, Aug 10

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