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Most Hated Characters..

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5:01 am, Jul 23 2011
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Yuzuki Eba from kimi no iru machi drop the manga cause of her, she's soooo annoying i just ....blahhh mad wahtever... dead just annoying!!!

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5:18 am, Jul 23 2011
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Oh wow I actually forgot that Griffith (from Berserk) has many haters. A little off topic.

Anyways I have new hated characters:
Light from Death Note, as well as L, Near, Mello...almost every character.
Keima from The World God Only Knows is boring (my first impression), but also pathetic and sexist. Kanon is also amazingly shallow.
Stanley O. MacDonald from Me and the Devil Blues) is a twisted old f***, don't know if it's hate but I harbour a strong desire to see his gruesome death.
Don't dislike Revy (Black Lagoon) as much after I continued reading.
This is not so much hate, but Mugi from K-ON! needs to go away. Like forever. She's mildly pleasant but the more time you spend with her the blander and more transparent she becomes.

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5:33 am, Jul 23 2011
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For sure Orihime from Bleach. She's such an idiot!

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5:51 am, Jul 23 2011
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Quote from Eeled
I don't exactly have their specific names, (way too many XD)

But I hate the type of (female) characters who:

1. gets dumped, plans to do something (either become from ugly to pretty, fat to skinny, or follow to school as guy), to take revenge, or get her love back.

2. weak, stubborn, or the type that just doesn't have any common sense.

3. acts like a tomboy to an extreme extent, but turns out to be all girly

4. drools over all the bishies, or has the thing for "date the most popular guy in school" XD

can't deny it, but those type of characters just makes me mad >_<

*Can't say much about male chars. : P*

i hate those types too!

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11:04 pm, Sep 5 2011
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Sakurakouji Sakura - Code Breaker and any character in any manga thats just like her....

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2:34 pm, Dec 15 2011
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yuno gasai from mirai nikki. I never knew I could hate a fictional character this much until i read this. she's such an annoying stalker who for some reason is obsessed with a weak character like yuki. And why does it seem like she kills anyone in her way with ease? Annoying! The only reason why I didn't drop the series was because I wanted to see who would win. Towards the end, I kinda tolerated her more, but I still don't like her. And I don't understand why so many people like her. Is it because she's a yandere?

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4:51 am, Jan 5 2012
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Kaname from Vampire Knight
Kikyo/kikyou from Inuyasha
Inuyasha from Inuyasha
SASUKE from Naruto
Karin from Naruto

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5:17 am, Jan 5 2012
Posts: 46

i only have a burning rage to sasuke, karin, and sakura(before shipuuden) from naruto

just living my life like any teenager would, facing the world, dealing with all the things that come at me. im not the special yet not that all normal, just somewhere in the middle ground :3.
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5:47 pm, Oct 25 2012
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Griffith from Berserk...what a giant freaking A-hole

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2:30 am, Dec 17 2012
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Ichigo from Bleach
Yamamoto from Bleach
Tsuna from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

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3:53 am, Dec 17 2012
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suzaku from code geass. defs.

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4:54 am, Dec 18 2012
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Hinagiku from Hayate the combat butler and all the other "I'm perfect btw" characters... bitch go get a real life.

Last edited by BlackOrion at 9:17 pm, Dec 19

Post #580924 - Reply to (#484146) by nemo91591
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7:22 am, Dec 18 2012
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Quote from nemo91591
For sure Orihime from Bleach. She's such an idiot!


And she's the root of nearly all of Ichigo's problems. bigrazz

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Noblesse Forever!

8:01 am, Dec 18 2012
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I dont find much characters to hate in Seinen.

The ones I hate are the ones who sprouts continuous nonsense about friendship, the one who hesitates to kill an enemy, the ones who preach to villains about life/peace/family.....
Sounds familiar,eh? Well, I hate most of shonen characters who falls in the above categories. There are few in seinen,too.

I wonder, how can people hate Light (from Death Note) ? His personality was amazing till first half, and then later-on, author turned him into complete psyco (so that his death looks justifiable to readers). ...It was author who did injustice to his character.

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8:32 am, Dec 18 2012
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Kurohime and zero from Mahou Tsukai Kurohime
Orihime from bleach, cant go near it ever again now xD
and the type like Risa Oonuma from GE

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