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When you were little, what did you want to grow up to be?

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Seinen is RIGHT

3:42 pm, Jan 5 2017
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And i became one of your dreams. Best decision of my life yet.

I also read EU/US comics and am a librarian.
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5:52 pm, May 4 2017
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I got asked by an adult that time and not necessarily "want" to become per se, but thats what came to mind to answer the question quickly enough. Perhaps the peace and solitude image I saw growing up from catholic priesthood. Not really a god believer ever since but the impression of self-discipline and peace of mind/heart was just admiring, I guess.

i immediately regret posting this
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6:06 pm, May 4 2017
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I can't remember what I wanted to do where I was little, but I was brainwashed by my family into wanting to be a lawyer (quickly realized upon college that I am sick of school). As I grew older, all I wanted to do was to become a rich bum - someone who can have enough money to never worry about material needs and can do whatever I want with my life and time.

Sadly, that's not going to come true for many years, if ever.

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1:48 am, May 5 2017
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Stage actress. I wanted to play Juliet. I only knew that they were lovers from warring families, but I imagined myself wearing a sweeping velvet dress and with black hair down to my knees. I've given up on that now.

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Well, hi there.

7:00 pm, May 8 2017
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An actor. Pfft.

Now I'm aiming to be a lawyer. eyes

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8:35 pm, May 8 2017
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A doctor (isn't is what all kids want to be?) and a lawyer.

In the end I have a degree in Video Game Art and Design and Business Administration.

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9:52 am, Jul 4 2017
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Since before I can remember I wanted to be an author. My short stories even got entered into contests sometimes. Then at about fourteen I realized I'd prob just end up an underpaid underachiever and as making money is fairly important to me, writing didn't seem completely viable.

Ahhh, crushed childhood dreams.

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12:43 pm, Oct 6 2017
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4:05 am, Oct 8 2017
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When I was six years old, I wanted to be a nun.

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Robot smoocher

2:12 pm, Jan 7 2018
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Honestly, I wanted to be a lot of things? First I wanted to be player? Then some kind of person that went on adventures, then I wanted to be an actress, then a pop star and then I didn't know until I got interested in art, writing and game design at 12? XD I was a weird kid. laugh

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10:16 am, Apr 27 2018
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I wanted to be a doctor or detective. 1 of the reasons why was to play with the body. (no not that kind of play you sick DISGUSTING perverts ain't no lolicon here). I feel like I was a messed up child. Also wanted to be a vet for a short time. Supposedly to "bring things back to life" wanna know how I did that? I picked up dead birds and gave them to my Auntie because she was named after a bird. I also cut open a pigs eye bc I wanted to see what was in a eye. WHY DID MY MUM LET ME DO THIS

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7:05 pm, May 30 2018
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I wanted to be a musician, however, I had a passion for writing too. so now I study literature at the college, make some writing practice every day and I hope I become a famous writer in future

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9:18 pm, May 30 2018
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A female knight.

Despite my complete lack of athleticism, that is.

Now? Philosopher/ artist. I don't think I've changed that much, even so.

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1:47 pm, Jun 6 2018
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When I was younger, I was tricked into thinking that I want to become a lawyer. I still do, but not because my family wants me to become one, but because helping people and serving my country turned out to be my passion. Successful classical conditioning hahaha! 1-2 years away from the dream.

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4:36 pm, Mar 27 2020
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Being a pc engineer and I'll.

1st: Death Note
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