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Fall asleep quick?

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3:04 am, Jul 16 2011
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Create a it sounds weird but the more you get immersed in it the faster you fall asleep, thats the way it works for me unless its lucid dreaming which is a pain

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Certified addict

3:06 am, Jul 16 2011
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I tend to fall asleep quite easily these days. I think it's because I watch something like a DVD until I start nodding off, then I just turn it off and sleep. I used to have real problems falling asleep though. I found that listening to a rain noises 'song' helped. Also I really like rain so it was a win-win.

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3:11 am, Jul 16 2011
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insomnia? o_O

exercise (you'll be tired by the time you want to sleep)
don't take naps
hot bath/shower before going to bed
don't look at the time
drinking warm milk before bed
caffine is a no no! >_<
limit the time the amount of time you sleep.
here's a big one do not wake up late. even if you just went to bed a 4am do not wake up at 12pm.

there's always pills nd such u can use but try some natural ways before jumping to drugs.

oh nd when i had trouble sleeping i surrounded myself in my stuffed animals(they made me feel secure lol) and i listened to ballads eyes

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4:35 am, Jul 16 2011
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When I'm tired, I practically fall into a coma instantly.
Idk. I'm a super heavy deep sleeper so maybe it's easier for me.

I heard that taking a warm shower before sleeping helps you relax better ~

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4:37 am, Jul 16 2011
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listen to some incredibly dull music...

its cold down here fam ~
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6:40 am, Jul 16 2011
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It usually takes me an hour to fall asleep for the past two years. none I've been homeschooled and thus I'm pretty much stuck at home with almost no activity, thus I dont get tired and so I cant sleep instantly. I usually turn on the music (mum says I always fall asleep with the music on since I was a baby smile wink grin ) . Since my sister and I share the same room, we usually end up chatting for hours about nonsense when we cant fall asleep. I used to read books to help me fall asleep. My dad puts on a DVD and dozes off instantly, lol. bigrazz You should try 'imagining', like creating stories in your head, fanfics, originals or even a memory in which you imagine yourself doing what you didnt do instead biggrin It works well for me. laugh

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6:51 am, Jul 16 2011
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Peach brandy...or so I've been told.

I never fall asleep immediately unless I'm sick or dead tired.

Looking for... shoujo with a canned peach confession.
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7:09 am, Jul 16 2011
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haven't read the other posts so if i repeat any suggestions, just bear with me. benadryl tends to make me drowsy enough to zonk out quickly, but if you try that then you're going to want to make sure you have enough time to sleep it off otherwise you end up with a benadryl hangover.

i have always had trouble going to sleep too, either my mind won't shut off, can't get comfortable, room is too hot/cold, air isn't circulating right, room is too bright, etc. been like that for me for forever, so i know what you mean.

what it's gotten down to for me to be able to go to sleep quickly consistently is
1. no caffeine after 6 pm
and 2. my mp3 player, which i love. i've got a native american playlist set up and just listening to one of the tracks when i drive makes me tired.

To me, native american music is the best thing to listen to when going to sleep, followed by nature sounds like ocean waves or other calm instrumental music.

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7:29 am, Jul 16 2011
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Think of something really sad or depressing. It tends to help me and also the fact that I usually go to sleep around 4 a.m. laugh

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jail bait

7:54 am, Jul 16 2011
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when i ride anything moving so fall asleep when i commute.. which is bad i think sad

oh please do click this!
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HanaTsuki Hime

8:00 am, Jul 16 2011
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i can fall asleep in 10 mins, even less than that, i dont know exactly how but i just um tell myself to sleep & i do biggrin i guess it's willpower, my mind controls my body or smt like that roll it's pretty useful smile

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8:06 am, Jul 16 2011
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Quote from Rouzmary
i can fall asleep in 10 mins, even less than that, i dont know exactly how but i just um tell myself to sleep & i do biggrin i guess it's willpower, my mind controls my body or smt like that roll it's pretty useful smile

How I wish I could do that *sight*

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8:16 am, Jul 16 2011
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I just remembered a good book for falling asleep: Piers Plowman, trying to keep up with the extended allegory will tire you out in no time.

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8:19 am, Jul 16 2011
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I think the only music/book thing that ever has made me drowsy is the music from Midsummer Murders - Inspector Barnaby (a tv serie, not sure if its speææ right o_O)

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Mad With a Hat

7:09 pm, Jul 16 2011
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Unless you suffer from some type of insomnia, the trick is to make yourself tired.
If you're tired enough, you'll fall asleep pretty much as soon as your head hits the pillow.
There was a period when I just slacked at home and didn't do much, so falling asleep was hard.
My body wasn't tired, nor was my head. It just didn't 'want' to sleep.
I wanted to sleep, but I just couldn't.

You have to make yourself feel comfortable.
-Have a comfortable bed and pillow.
-The room you're sleeping in should not be too hot.

I used to make up stories, because I was too bored laying in bed doing nothing.
But that's not really a solution... It does make time flow faster.
Nowadays I find it more distracting than helpful, but with my current job, fatigue is always present so I don't have problems falling asleep. ahaha...

You asked if people can fall asleep in spans of 5 to 10 minutes.
Yes they can. My father is amazing in that aspect. He falls asleep in seconds, not minutes! laugh

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