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Movie recommendations please^^

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Post #483352
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the fork of truth

1:54 pm, Jul 19 2011
Posts: 247

I'm thinking of registering on a movie renting site for a year, because I think the films on TV are mostly not my taste (and I'm not even that picky... -.- at least I think). But I don't know what movies could be worth renting, since the site provides about 45.000 DVDs or so...

I'm not too picky about the genre. My most beloved genres are fantasy and romance, but a movie doesn't necessarily need them to please me. I also like to watch...
Sci-Fi (as long it's nothing about space and stuff),
Drama is nice, (also sad films)
Action is great, (preferably with swords and guns, not only guns)
Adventure is super,
Comedy is most welcome,
Historical is wonderful,
Music is also pretty nice,
Cartoons are alright.
Tragedy is okay (but not too many of those^^)
Parodies are good too

Not my piece of cake are:
Horror (except if you link it with fantasy, then it is alright)
Thriller (except see above)
Action (with guns, cars and stupid races, no offens but I can't stand it)
Sport ...
"Hardcore Hollywood" films (I dunno how to describe it, but if the characters are "too cool" I often don't like them^^)

It can be serious films, it can be stupid films, it can be shallow films or some with deep meaning, I'm not too picky. You don't have to post the trailer, I can look for them^^

So if you have some recommendations I'll gladly look into them. Thank you so much biggrin

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Post #483353

2:12 pm, Jul 19 2011
Posts: 38

I would recommend:

The Mission
What's up, doc?
The Prestige
The Lion in Winter (the one from '68)
Merlin (from '98 - it has 3 parts)
August Rush
The Notebook
The Illusionist
Dead Poets Society
Good Will Hunting
What Dreams May Come

That's what I could think of right now smile

Post #483399
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6:23 pm, Jul 19 2011
Posts: 63

Oh! Oh! I know! If you want comedy then watch Borat. I couldn't stop laughing when I watched it omg I laugh just by remembering it!

And of course since you like fantasy and romance definately watch The Butterfly Effect there are 3 movies I think (thats how many i watched anyways). My favorite is the second one.
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
No happy endings here though

Also if you like the type of action that you see on anime and stuf like that try the Final Fantasy - Advent Children movie. I just love the fighting in that movie watched every major fight at least 10 times.

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Post #483401 - Reply to (#483399) by BurntDownDream
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his and her sonnet

6:41 pm, Jul 19 2011
Posts: 1127

Quote from BurntDownDream
And of course since you like fantasy and romance definately watch The Butterfly Effect there are 3 movies I think

yes yes definitely watch the butterfly effect...i've seen thousands of movies i tell you,but nothing could compare to this
and i also second the illusionist

hmm random movies that i liked
i capture the castle-drama & romance(its actually based on a novel ) i watched this a looong time ago..the ending is unforgettable i have to say,its the only romance you'll watch where the girl...wont spoil it bigrazz
east of eden-again..based on a novel
shakespeare in love
airplane!-ok i rarely find comedy movies funnyy...but this one...omg where do i begin i couldnt breathe from laughing
my immortal beloved-this is based on the life of was a nice surprise and the ending made my heart rumble
west side story
gone with the wind-based on the novel...MUST WATCH
great expectations-omg i loved the movie...lots of touching scenes

Post #483408
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Pew pew

7:07 pm, Jul 19 2011
Posts: 869

The Other Guys!

Post #483414
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the fork of truth

8:30 pm, Jul 19 2011
Posts: 247

Thanks for all those recommendations. After watching all the trailers I'm really keen on most of the suggested movies. If I told which i liked I'd have to name almost all of them. Btw, i found it interesting how many older movies were suggested, but i like it, they have nice atmosphere^^ and I really like those that are based on a novel, because they have a historical setting, mostly. Hm I can't wait until I get may first pay, so I can register xD

I have already seen Stardust, Amadeus and What dreams may come and i really loved them (esp. the first^^)

Does anybody have more recommendations? I'm gonna have much time next year^^

@Burntdowndream I've also seen FF AC last weekend, with my friend. Sure, it really has a nice action. My friend and I while watching always were like "WTF, that's unrealistic... ... ... but well,... it's cool!" and I love Cloud's big swords. You can probably enjoy it more, when you've tried the game, even the fighting was gamelike^^ However, it was hard to understand, since I have only played parts of the game and my friend didn't know anything about it...

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Post #483446

12:51 am, Jul 20 2011
Posts: 545

Pan's Labyrinth - but it might fill your tragedy/horror quota pretty quick. Definite must if you like fairytale-style fantasy though.
Is Ghibli stuff too obvious? Spirited Away, Nausicaa, etc.

Post #483447
user avatar
Slumbering Remnant

1:00 am, Jul 20 2011
Posts: 657

Millenium Actress-pretty good
The Girl who leap through time -pretty good

Last edited by sweetnsour321 at 8:29 pm, Sep 28

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Post #483451
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1:26 am, Jul 20 2011
Posts: 797

Hmmm. First off, I second The Prestige. I also second Pan's Labyrinth, personally I wouldn't call it a horror but it is quite dark.

Inception (you must have seen this?)
Source Code
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Cold Mountain
The Secret Life of Bees


Grave of the Fireflies - if you want a tragedy, this is it.
And the usual suspects - anything Ghibli (particularly Howl's Moving Castle, My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away), The Girl who Leapt Through Time, Paprika, etc. etc. And Tekkonkinkreet.

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Post #483528
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8:47 am, Jul 20 2011
Posts: 1439

Holy cow, mogiks and irinake suggested some of the films I wanted to suggest!!

If you're okay with The Prestige (which I consider thriller), definitely try Memento. Maaan... that was trippy good.

I second Gattaca -- seriously... it's so good as well as Amelie.

Little Miss Sunshine (cute indie comedy. I apologize in advance for the bad words...)

The King's Speech -- love the bromance!!

Pride and Prejudice -- okay, there are 2 versions that are popular. One is the BBC miniseries (6 parts with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle -- it's true to the book), and the other is the 2005 film with Keira Knightley (which modifies the story a bit BUT what's wonderful about this version is the film editing and musical score/soundtrack are simply gorgeous).
Definitely, Maybe

anything by Mel Brooks... like Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Wow... I'm suddenly brain-dead... I'll add more when I take a look at my DVDs or suddenly remember good ones...

Post #483557
user avatar
the fork of truth

12:03 pm, Jul 20 2011
Posts: 247

biggrin My list's getting longer, thanks to you all!
I've already seen Amelie and Chocolat, also some parts of Defenitely, maybe. They were great. Amelie is one of my all time favs, actually^^

About Pan's Labyrinth, I've heard about it and that it is good. And I could die for fairytale fantasy. Dark fairy tales are the best!
I've got absolutely nothing against darker and disturbing themes. If it is mixed with fantasy. I just don't like the zombies/psychopath-killer-chainsaw-gory-disturbing kind of horror.

Uiii, there are some films with Helena Bonham Carter, they are most welcome, hehe^^
I've heard of Inception, but I didn't want to watch it. somehow I just can't stand Leonardo di Caprio. I just can't... Dunno why^^
And yeah, films from studio Ghibli are very obvious,... but still I would have totally forgot them, probably. Thanks for hitting my head^^ Some of them I've already watched... and thanks for the anime suggestions. I like them a lot. Especially the film music is so touching.
Memento seems to be a good film, despite being a thriller. I think forgetting is a really fascinating and mysterious thing, because you never know what it is, that you have lost. And what is wrong and what is right. after watching the trailer I got pretty interested.
The parody looked pretty funny as well haha, I'm going to dig into his films, thx biggrin

There's nothing to see here. Proceed with what you were doing or throw rainbows at random pedestrians.
Post #483561
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12:29 pm, Jul 20 2011
Posts: 103

Starship Troopers 1 (second and third are shit worth but first you have to watch)
Armageddon (I don't even have to explain)

thats will be all for nowsmile

User Posted Image
Post #483620
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10:08 pm, Jul 20 2011
Posts: 18

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. It's based on a comic book series, it's hilarious. It was released in 2010, and has pretty good special effects. It could be considered fantasy, but it's set in the real world, not like a fairy tale. It's about a dude named Scott Pilgrim fighting his girlfriend's seven evil exes to make her love him. It's probably one of my top 5 movies. JUST WATCH IT.


Post #483622
user avatar

10:30 pm, Jul 20 2011
Posts: 278

Maybe Ghibli movies, like howls moving castle, princess mononoke, spirited away, etc

Post #483996

12:44 pm, Jul 22 2011
Posts: 22

Anime : Steamboy, any Miyazaki movie

Comedy : Wayne's World 1 & 2, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Life of Brian (all of these are classics and hilarious)

Drama : Usual Suspects, Dogville (utterly depressing - it's an analysis of human society), Dr. Strangelove, The Godfather 1 & 2 (and not 3), Groundhog Day, The Green Line, One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest

Action : Danny the Dog, Matrix, Hero

Sci-Fi : Star Wars bigrazz

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