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Ok, there's WAY too much..

Ok, there's WAY too much Yaoi/Shounen Ai out there
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Post #488249 - Reply to (#488242) by calstine
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1:57 pm, Aug 9 2011
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Quote from calstine
As for why there's less yuri...well, I dunno.

cause they're slow and annoying-- imho

Post #488251 - Reply to (#488244) by UnknownUser

2:01 pm, Aug 9 2011
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Quote from LawX
Quote from udders
Quote from LawX
There should at least be an option for those who don't care.

If you dont care then why bother replying -_-

People these days..

Well you want opinions don't you? There are going to be people who don't mind whether or not there is more BL. Why is this even an issue?

When did I ever say it was an issue? All I did was ask a question out of curiosity and ask for some feedback. You don't even need to read my post if you don't want to, or answer the poll for that matter. When you go to an election there's no "I'm not taking any side" ballot, you simply don't vote

FTR if you don't care about the amount of Shounen Ai/Yaoi on this site then your answer is obviously NO

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4:42 pm, Aug 9 2011
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A just ruler amongst tyrants
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