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Post #493115
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11:01 pm, Aug 30 2011
Posts: 357

How did you guys feel about the ending? I found it HILARIOUS!!! biggrin
I was cracking up when he visualized Ran and them getting impregnated by men other then Saku. Then his realization of his love killed me(he had a big boner whilst crying! >.>) And when that elf-machine person told him the "story" of Saku's real future, I had to laugh. Cmon, Saku, who is an idiot, got to be a freakin' professor/scientist and led his machines to the destruction of the human race. And ofc it's awesome that YC got a harem ending! (Not that I didn't foresee a harem end!) Oh yeah, when Moe-chan's mom(who I can't remember the name of) finally cracked and began spouting nonsense. AND, I'm so happy that Cerulea came back!!! She's so cute! And that German girl is probly my favorite.
What were your thoughts on the ending?

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Post #514715
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6:25 am, Dec 29 2011
Posts: 597

The ending was, in a word, disappointing.

First of all, you know don't if you should laugh or sympathize with the main character, as he imagines the girls having sex and happy, then crying with a boner, and keeping it for a while. Ridiculous. Of course, the fucking localized translation wasn't any help either, but then again, that can be said for the whole manga. 'Sho fuggin' happy'? 'You want to screw him'? Moegi using English slang all the time? What the hell is that? I can't imagine Japanese people saying shit like that. Don't even get me started on that succubus with Southern-American accent. Also, losing the honorifics at one point was . . . *Shakes head* However, that is a topic on its own.

Any seriousness the mangaka wanted to portray in the ending had already been destroyed by the fourth-wall-breaking jokes in the middle of the story and the increasing lack of drama, although there was promise with Cerulea's disappearance. If it had concluded with all or most of the girls never returning, it would have been sad, but I would have respected Yomeiro-Choice more.

Let's level here, we all know he should have ended up with Karin, his childhood friend and the person who was with him the longest, and leaving his relationships hanging was ridiculous. Mebuki was hinted a couple of times to have a weak bond with Saku, and I don't need to mention Rosemarie, who was written off by the daughters themselves for her obvious lack of inclusion in the story. As for Kuran, she is his cousin, and he sees her like a big sister, nothing more. The wife candidates didn't even explicitly agree to share Saku. Moreover, what did Laus, the android, mean by his achieving 'equilibrium' and that the futures have 'merged'? That doesn't make any sense. It is worse than an open ending.

What is more frustrating is that the author, tenkla, had plenty of opportunites to develop Saku's relationships, but she always ended them with silly jokes and brushing what happened off, like when Karin was upset with the ghost, Berkley, for giving a boob-job to Saku's soul, which was ridiculous (this isn't even a supernatural series), making her about to confess to liking him, but of course, she attacks the ghost with a random shovel instead. Haha, funny.

The manga actually started sucking ever since it switched from Champion Red Ichigo, a seinen magazine, to Champion Red, a shounen magazine at the time, after the first volume. Not only did it become a mindless gag story, I could notice some censorship, at least with the daughters (except Moegi). For example, their butt-cracks, or butts, for that matter, which showed because of their low-waist panties before, suddenly turned rare. Also, feminizing Saku, particularly in the chapter (29, I think), 'A Thundrous Sex Change,' where he turns into a girl, was a very bad idea, yet the idiot tenkla actually asked people to send her letters if they wanted to see that disgusting thing again; this made me glad it was axed, which is obvious, by the way.

I know some will say that one shouldn't overthink such a random comedy title, but the thing is that it really had potential with such a premise and characters, especially if you reread the beginning. This was far and way the artist's best work. What a shame. no

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Post #515659 - Reply to (#514715) by Seijurou
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9:08 am, Jan 4 2012
Posts: 111

Quote from Seijurou
Of course, the fucking localized translation wasn't any help either, but then again, that can be said for the whole manga. 'Sho fuggin' happy'? 'You want to screw him'? Moegi using English slang all the time? What the hell is that? I can't imagine Japanese people saying shit like that. Don't even get me started on that succubus with Southern-American accent. Also, losing the honorifics at one point was . . . *Shakes head* However, that is a topic on its own.

Hey, that was my work. no I didn't change character names or locations so it can't be considered a localization in reality.

"Sho fuggin happy" was a warbled "watashitachi shiawase desu" ("warahirahi shaawahe reesu") in the original. How would you suggest I have translated it?

I don't remember where "You want to screw him" might have been but it was probably from "tanetsukeru" or something which is to reproduce, which when used when talking about humans is an extremely straightforward thing to say.

Moegi uses very colloquial speech so why not English slang? I don't think I went too crazy here. I was always careful to avoid referencing pop culture or whatever too much.

It wasn't intended to be a southern accent the "succubus" spoke with. In the Japanese she spoke in an extreme dialect so I just did my best to try to make it sound super colloquial.

In translation I try to keep the spirit of the original. The original used a lot of inappropriate humor and colloquial stuff so I tried to put that in English (you know, what I'm translating to). I know I took a lot of liberties with this series, but that's because the humor wouldn't have translated if I'd kept it dry. Obviously a Japanese person wouldn't say "Shit is serious" but that's because they wouldn't be speaking English!

I'm fine with getting criticisms, but I feel you're off base here. Maybe you thought I put in things that weren't there, but virtually everything I did, I did for a reason to emulate something in the original.

If you want to read a series as it was originally read, your best option is to learn Japanese, because a liberal translation will never be 100% the same and a literal translation is going to lose the original's spirit.

Post #515899
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✯ Sarcastic

10:48 pm, Jan 5 2012
Posts: 597

^I am sorry, I probably came off a little harsh in the middle of my frustration over the story, since this is the topic here, and how it plummeted. It is true that I prefer literal translations, because I feel like they still produce the mangaka's words in a way, but I did not mean to offend your work, and I hope you didn't take it personally. I appreciate your taking the time to translate the manga, and, on a positive note, I am glad that you kept the original chapter numbers, as well as made the effort to add extra explanations in the chapter where Saku needed to improve his grades. I just wish you did that more often instead of being too liberal and making me guess what the characters are saying half the time. I know that I should learn Japanese instead of complaining, but, obviously, if I could speak it already, I wouldn't have looked for translations in the first place, which may happen one day. However, this was only a point in my post.

Overall, I am disappointed as I used to hold this manga in high regard, but it just turned into a gag title with a bad ending, crushing the expectations I had for it.

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Post #569298

1:13 am, Sep 9 2012
Posts: 5

I was also disappointed in this series, not because I had high expectations for it or because I thought it had good potential, but because it wasn't consistent to the very end. This was an incoherent story with a ridiculous premise and ridiculous characters so I was expecting the ending to maintain the same tone.

Instead what did we get? Some deeper meaning mumble jumble about the concept of time and the meaning of people's will. Oh, and then we get Saku falling into despair like it's some kind of "character development" that was building up until now.

This was not a series that was suppose to be anything grand, it was just a fun ride with all of its ridiculousness as shown by how many times they break the 4th wall. For what it is I wasn't expecting this series to long, I just wanted to sit back and laugh at it. However, they just had to reverse all the meaning the previous volumes had in the last few chapters. Really.....?

Post #658466 - Reply to (#515899) by Seijurou

4:49 pm, Dec 22 2014
Posts: 1

buddy my thoughts exactly i wrote a script of how it should have ended in the review section, though it was mostly out of rage so it has more hate in it that anything but id prefer it over the current ending

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