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Site Poll - Chat Box 148 - Non-Manga

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6:03 pm, Sep 3 2011
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How do you like non-manga (e.g., manhwa, manhua, OEL, etc)? Feel free to name specific series or qualms you have about them

Question: General opinion of non-manga (e.g., manhua, manhwa, OEL, etc)
They're just as good as manga - votes: 5536 (42.1%)
I like them, but manga's still the best - votes: 4162 (31.7%)
I like them more than manga - votes: 332 (2.5%)
Don't think they're any good - votes: 790 (6%)
Never read any - votes: 861 (6.6%)
No preference - votes: 1461 (11.1%)
There were 13142 total votes.
The poll ended: September 10th 2011

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his and her sonnet

6:09 pm, Sep 3 2011
Posts: 1127

voted for no preference
i dont really care if they're manhuas or manhwas as long as the plot's good
i rarely look at the "type" box anyway

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Lone Wanderer

6:16 pm, Sep 3 2011
Posts: 2094

Option two for me.
In general I rarely read manhwa, manhua and OEL -- and while I look at the genre field first, the plot description second and the 'type' field third, I've noticed that after glancing at the first two, the ones I feel strongly inclined to read are manga anyway. But I really don't have a clear-cut reason as to why.

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Is a female

6:35 pm, Sep 3 2011
Posts: 3456

Just as good.

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Lowly Member

6:53 pm, Sep 3 2011
Posts: 3888

I like them as much as I like manga. Doesn't matter whether it's manga or manhua or manhwa, as long as it has a nice plot and art, then I'll read it.

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the fork of truth

8:09 pm, Sep 3 2011
Posts: 254

I have a book at home with "manga" drawn in all different kinds of styles and coming from all kinds of countries like Norway or the US. It's called Best New Manga or something. I really liked those,...

I really love "manga" that don't come from japan, as much manga, maybe even a bit more, because they sometimes have a certain style. But I wouldn't only read manhwa, manhua, etc. Just like StarlightDreams said, if it is good, it doesn't really matter^^

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straw hat pirate

9:51 pm, Sep 3 2011
Posts: 173

just look at manhuw like the breaker there no worse then manga...some of them

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10:02 pm, Sep 3 2011
Posts: 2050

Second option.... but in all honesty, I'm not much of a fan of manhwa & manhua. :\
I find very few that I actually like.

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10:07 pm, Sep 3 2011
Posts: 3502

I still like manga more, but there are good ones non-manga ones.

This week's favorites:

- Golden Kamui

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Black Witch

11:00 pm, Sep 3 2011
Posts: 381

If i get it correctly the diffrence is where they come from, not story or art.
So its irrelevant.
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11:19 pm, Sep 3 2011
Posts: 4

My general feeling of manhwa has been plagued by mass productions by e.g. Hwang Mi-Ri (and plenty others who mimic her/each other) which makes manhwa feel so..... cheap. Still, there's plenty of good manwhas out there like Shin Angyo Onshi, Saver and Ciel to name a few.

I haven't tried that many manhuas so I don't know if I'm just lucky, but I've gotten the impression that they have pretty good quality overall, e.g. 1/2 Prince, Ingènuo, CAT...

In short, they can all be good, so I don't suppose I have any preferences regarding their origins.

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12:10 am, Sep 4 2011
Posts: 1203

No preference.
Some of them just as good as manga.
Beside manga, i read manhwa/manhwa webtoons the most, and a few manhua.

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12:23 am, Sep 4 2011
Posts: 630

Some of my favorite series' have been "non-manga". That said, I probably read less of them than I do manga.

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jail bait

12:34 am, Sep 4 2011
Posts: 1444

just as good biggrin well i like pictures with dialogues in general so.. yeah smile

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Certified addict

9:48 am, Sep 4 2011
Posts: 301

Eh, they're okay I guess. I've yet to come across any that I really like (the ones I've read have been okay at best) but I'm sure there are better ones out there.

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