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A name of a yaoi manga

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6:58 am, Sep 16 2011
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The story is about two guys who are best friend. One of the guy (1) is in love with his best friend (2), but he does not want to ruin his relationship. Guy 1 is very friendly to girls. When the girls ask for his help, he helps them.
Another scene: The class is tell guy 1 to dress as a girl for something. However, guy 1 refuses because he knows he is ugly with makeup. He tried makeup before. Eventually, guy 2 tells the class he will dress as a girl.
Another scene: Guy 1 is being confess to by a girl. He rejects her by saying I hate girls!

I really want to know the name of this yaoi manga. It is unlike any other yaoi that I read before.

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7:25 am, Sep 16 2011
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i think it could be Seinen wa Ai o Kou?
sound something like it

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12:38 pm, Sep 16 2011
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well..... this are pretty common type of Yaoi story,,,,so I'm not really sure..
but u got try going to this site
u might remember juz by seeing the pics..
not much of a help *bow*

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Sweetly Macabre

1:14 pm, Sep 16 2011
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Quote from sleeping_wolf
i think it could be Seinen wa Ai o Kou?
sound something like it

Seconded; it sounds exactly like Seinen wa Ai o Kou.

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11:12 pm, Oct 24 2014
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I m first timer and don't know how to post my question. I m looking for a yaoi, i think a oneshot where uke n seme were high school friends then continue to be friend until working, the uke bullied seme to pay a high interest but seme couldn't afford it so he worked to avoid sex with uke. But uke wore a frankstein mask to scare seme and his two friends but seme wasnt scared. His two friend was scared. Once he took off mask, then seme screamed. Then uke took seme to bedroom to tied him up but then he broke free. I want to reread it again. Does anyone know the title?? I searched for ages

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