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12:05 pm, Dec 7 2007
Posts: 1325 first reaction when I saw Alucard was like...
OMG looool!

What do you think about the design of this character? Any ideas on the origin of his "specific" outfit?
And what's with the hat?!

And Seras...why is she so "lucky" ? I read some other works of Hirano and not all girls were so big boosted. So why is she such a freak? It goes in pair with being blonde? mad
And why does she has such a short skirt in her uniform? Fanservice?

I like Integra design...a woman dressed up as a man, really interesting.

Well, there is a bunch of other characters worth mentioning, but it's up to you biggrin

Counting on lively discussion or at least some opinionssmile

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Still the bad cop.
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