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Site Poll - Chat Box 153 - 18+ Warnings

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From User Message Body
Post #500117
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Lone Wanderer

8:22 am, Oct 9 2011
Posts: 1831

This poll is kinda useless. Most people have read/watched porn way before they turned 18.

I never even glanced at anything that could be described as porn until earlier this year (I was already 19). But I still found it to be sick, disgusting and most of all -- incredibly boring. No hentai, smut, hardcore ecchi or yaoi for me, even when I'm a 100 years old.

I don't consider violence or profanity to be 18+ at all. I've been watching stuff like Terminator since I was about 9.

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Post #500123
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An Aspiring Hero

9:48 am, Oct 9 2011
Posts: 18

hmm... matters what 18+ is on. For movies I have been watching them for as long as i could remember. Games, I've gotta say the first was Onimusha. (first game where the graphics where nice enough to matter to me at least) I was.... 12-13 I think since that.... well games are nothing now. LoL was so innocent back then. Gotta kinda miss it. But yeah manga and anime wise.... I have to say about 17 before I hit 18+s hard, and turly broke out of the shonen genre shell and into all the others.

Someday my memories will fade...and her voice, her actions, I might forget them as well, but I will always remember that I loved Saber...
Emiya Shirou (Fate/stay Night)
Post #500139

12:57 pm, Oct 9 2011
Posts: 312

Is it for manga/anime or other stuffs too?
For manga, I think I read I's (by Katsura Masakazu) when I was 15, and told its story to my cousin who 2 years older. I can still remember his uneasiness expression (geh, maybe he was embarrassed, especially when I told him about king's game). By then, I read Golden Boy too.

For other things... When I was 6 or 7 I read (or look at its pictures) some kind of thin-stencil book (not sure what it's called in English?, it's a kind of porn book that printed cheaply on low quality paper) . The story written in Chinese, thus I I can't understand, but it was illustrated with some NSFW drawings. I used to stare at the picture and made up stories from it.
And since I was a 4th grader, I've read tons of Harlequin novels, so I'm fed up with cliche-overboard romance stories now.

For violence/gory content, I don't remember. Probably when I was grade school too. Can Kindaichi considered mature too? Since the victims often murdered in brutal way (mutilated, headless corpse) in there...

Post #500165

4:16 pm, Oct 9 2011
Posts: 180

I didn't start reading manga until I was in my twenties, but I started reading/viewing "adult" media right after I hit puberty. I've always considered these kinds of age-restrictions to be idiotic. The best way to prepare people to make good life choices is to inform them, not keep them as ignorant as possible.

Post #500180 - Reply to (#500165) by QuasarX
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5:14 pm, Oct 9 2011
Posts: 298

Quote from QuasarX
I didn't start reading manga until I was in my twenties, but I started reading/viewing "adult" media right after I hit puberty. I've always considered these kinds of age-restrictions to be idiotic. The best way to prepare people to make good life choices is to inform them, not keep them as ignorant as possible.

These days, (young) children are kept away from fire because they might hurt themselves... In the past they just let them burn their fingers once, then they'd now first hand and never do it again (unless they have M tendencies bigrazz ). Same with alcohol, I had my first glass of wine when I was about 9 years old (tasted disgusting then) and didn't touch the stuff again for a long time to come, just lost interest.
Don't underestimate the natural curiosity of man, better to do things in a controlled manner than to put a taboo on it.

I don't mind the advices, but don't turn them into laws. Who are you to tell what children can or can't watch, that should be the job of a parent and tailored to the individual.

America is the prime example on this, we can't show you a single nipple in a movie... But exploding heads and wanton violence is no problem... Well, okay maybe we'd recommend parental supervision...

Last edited by Joentjuh at 5:19 pm, Oct 9

Who they, what are, and why?
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Post #500183
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5:28 pm, Oct 9 2011
Posts: 389

I remember the first time i saw nudity in an anime/manga was when i watched ranma 1/2 or whatever its called... i was 10, and i completely freaked out.
Like i had to hide from my tv. LOL

Maybe when i was 12 i stared reading yaoi... i think its 18+...
lol and know im like 17, and i still read stuff thats considered 18+

Im not all that different from when i was 12, actually when i was 12 i was more open minded.
Kinda weird..

*Wonders How To Post A Picture*
Post #500295 - Reply to (#500165) by QuasarX
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Certified addict

1:10 am, Oct 10 2011
Posts: 301

Quote from QuasarX
The best way to prepare people to make good life choices is to inform them, not keep them as ignorant as possible.

I agree, but warnings on adult content is not the same as informing people. You're not ignorant if you don't watch porn :/ Well maybe you're ignorant to porn, but that's it.

User Posted Image
Post #500366
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9:30 am, Oct 10 2011
Posts: 67

Pfft I started it when I was 16 but it was the kind of, just being there, the 18+ content. And I was practically skimming it through. Never really comfortable with 18+ stuff to just stop and enjoy(?) since the guilt of reading sometimes nag me orz
Then come a time where I got no feeling seeing it and since I've reached that age--- I could say, there's no more guilt. Honestly, compared to other people I can be considered, started out late which is a thing I'm proud of. And to those who have never read it, please keep doing that especially if you haven't reached 18. I find it amazing for those kind of people biggrin

Post #500395
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the(old)SRoMU boss

2:20 pm, Oct 10 2011
Posts: 1502

i somehow downloaded hentai on emule instead of a bonus chapter for cardcaptor sakura when i was 13.
was traumatic to say the least. made me see the whole anime with new eyes. especially tomoyo dead it somehow turned into a monthly fix after that, and was the knock to the head in regards to the real relationship between yukito and sakura's brother.

so yea, after that i lost all respect for age limits.

tho, thinking about it now, i did somehow find some weird Pokemon shit online when i was 10, but being uneducated on the "facts of life" subject i never got what was going on.

the best security guard, EVER.
Post #500423
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still lurqing

5:34 pm, Oct 10 2011
Posts: 334

i started late. but i progress like hell.

it only took me one or two years to understand why its addictive, start being addicted, found they are acutely boring, found they are actually bad for the brain, come across disturbing variant, excited again, come across even more disturbing variant, and even more disturbing, utterly annoyed, disturbed, stop paying attention.

now, i don't even care about porn aspect of anything. did not bother look unless it has very fascinating story or sublime arts. i even give up seeking awesome hentai as its like one in a thousand.

i actually forget that gore etc included in adult material.
well, they seems unreal. so neutral from me.

grammar mistake is intentional, grammar nazis need their entertainment.
Post #500494

3:09 am, Oct 11 2011
Posts: 6

I'm an adult now but I started watching porn when I was 10 years old, most of my friends where I live were a few years older. And I started watching hentai (a sailor moon movie) at age 14.

Edit: BTW I dont really pay attention to gore, I mean I see it but I know there is a purpose behind it but I know its not real even tho sometimes its explicit.

Post #500599
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Mythical Creature

5:54 pm, Oct 11 2011
Posts: 280

I'm 21 and hentai/porn doesn't really appeal to me. Some of the Manga I read may have been mature/adult, but I've never noticed an 18+ warning. So never.

Post #500602
user avatar

6:19 pm, Oct 11 2011
Posts: 278

The 18+ warning is almost like a quality seal, especially when it does not have hentai or echii in it's categories. (though I dislike gore)

It shows that it's not the usual boring stuff with a 10 year old that is gonna save the world (again)

Post #500622

8:28 pm, Oct 11 2011
Posts: 87

I started to come across some hentai stuff around 17+ because I 'stumbled' upon them while surfing around for manga sources; I found them interesting compare to normal stuff I used to peek at. I kept reading/skimming through them until now since I;m only interested in certain 'styles' or theme/story. Maybe out of 50 full 18+ hentai focused manga I probably pick 2 that I'd call interesting and maybe 1 in 100 being 'archive' worthy. I guess this is because I have been reading too many of them that I can start picking out that some artists are extremely good drawing hentai while others are just plain uninteresting even when they both have similar stories (or no story at all since this is hentai).

On 18+ stuff that are not actually hentai or gore, I'd say they are like normal seinen/jousei manga to me. Some are good and matured with a hint of youth but some are just too confusing for me.

Post #500732
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jail bait

9:09 am, Oct 12 2011
Posts: 1444

mehhh.. underage, reading 18+ and loving it! life after all is for exploration.. just gotta go on and *sing songy voice* explore!!~! laugh

oh please do click this!
The sweeter the apple, the higher the branch. The quieter the fart, the nastier the smell.
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