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Looking for this manga

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7:48 am, Nov 26 2011
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So, hi guys! I'm actually looking for a manga about this ordinary school girl who has a magical (some kinda demon) guardian. This guardian has long black hair, and if I'm not mistaken, he wears some kind of magical bracelet confused I can remember from the manga cover is the girl has yellow hair while her guardian carrying her. I know the description sounds absurd, but that's all I can recall and I'm really hopeless in looking for this manga. So please if you have any idea what manga is this, please tell me. Thank you! smile smile

anyway, it's not Yurara's moon, but the manga I'm looking for has similar genre and story plot.
Ah! and If I'm not mistaken the total volume of the manga is 3 volumes.

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8:21 am, Nov 26 2011
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Is it Mugen Spiral? It's the only one I could think of.

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8:38 am, Nov 26 2011
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YOU ARE MY SAVIOR, zanethers!!! smile smile smile smile smile smile thank you thank you soooo much!!

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