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Red River Paradox

Which kiss was Yuri's first one? Read first post for the reason for this Question.
The one in 1995 with Satoshi
The one in the 13th century with Kail
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5:24 pm, Nov 26 2011
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First off this all happens in the first 2 chapters and dosent spoil the manga if you know this or not. Now to the reason for that question, in the manga Yuri's first kiss is in 1995 and her 2nd kiss is in the 13th Century. If you go by time then it would be the 13th century one, but if you go by the order in which it happened in her life, it would be the one in 1995. What do you think?

Sorry if I put this in the wrong place.

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6:35 pm, Nov 26 2011
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I think it was the one in 1995. That's where her first kiss was, and when she traveled, she was able to compare Kail's kiss with Himuro.

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Mad With a Hat

7:52 pm, Nov 26 2011
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Moved to the right forum.

You're thinking too much, dude.
But it's her first kiss, so the first one is the kiss that happened first in her timeline.

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9:14 pm, Nov 26 2011
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that makes would make sense. well it was just something that crossed my mind and was wondering what others would think.

thanks for putting it in the right place

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4:47 pm, Jun 23 2016
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if you take it whit the years, the first one is in the past buttt because she did not lose the memory and she knew she had to go back to the future i would say the one in the future!

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