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One of best ongoing romances in recent chapters (spoilers)

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5:51 am, Dec 11 2011
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This is gonna be a long post, just a warning. Also, heavy spoilers. (current as of chapter 55)

I've been following Kiss x Sis monthly for a while now (2.5 years), and it just amazes me how the series has evolved. At the beginning of the series, it just seemed like a mindless ecchi manga (which I liked) but once it started getting Mikuni, Mikazuki, and Kiryuu-sensei involved it turns into one of (possibly even THE) best romance manga I've ever read.

The way it weaves the characters together is almost perfect. Despite the fact that they might be of cliche archetypical characters, their actions and the way they behave isn't.

Kiryuu-sensei didn't play the "randomly fall in love after one chapter" character, it actually took her a good 1/3 of the current series to realize it, and then instead of trying to keep pushing it away, now she's actually on the 'Offensive'.

Mikazuki seemed like she was just in it for the fun, but then she pulls out that kiss on on Keita. If you think about it, that's Keita's first kiss with a non-sister.

Mikuni (currently) seems to realize that she likes Keita, but is trying to force herself not too.

Keita has become VERY different, especially in recent chapters, wanting to have sex with Kiryuu-sensei and then realizing that he (may) have a thing for her, and THEN realing he might have screwed things up.

Basically, the characters don't really follow common tropes, and are VERY dynamic from chapter to chapter. I personally am on the edge of my (figurativ)e seat every time a new chapter ends.

I'd like to say that if it was less ecchi, it would be an extremely popular romance, but I can't, because it's ecchi is PART of what makes it so good. Mikuni humping herself on to Keita might just seem like an excuse for ecchi, but if you think about it, it's really showing her innermost desires that she tries to repress spill out. And while I'm in no way justifying all the ecchi (a good deal of it is mindless (which, as I said, I have no problem with)) a lot of it DOES convey their feelings in a very straighforward way.

If you just read Kiss x Sis for the ecchi, I don't blame you, but I was just wondering if there was anyone out there like me who also extremely enjoys the romance part of the series. I know a lot of people who read this series probably don't think about it very deeply roll eyes but if there's anyone else out there who does, do you agree?

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