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Chapter 78

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1:58 pm, Dec 29 2011
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Did anyone see a point to the latest chapter? I just felt like Matsuri bullshit through the whole thing. Yuuki is getting lamer and lamer, and nothing is getting any more intense than it was two years ago, when the whole "I'll kill all pure-bloods" thing happened with Zero. That was probably more than two years ago though, right? Anyway, the point is the fact that I might just drop VK for a year because of the utter lame that has been perpetuating the series lately. Thoughts on the latest chapter we all just spent a month waiting for?

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6:20 pm, Dec 29 2011
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I would have to agree. This series seems to be going nowhere fast. I still read and will probably still read it in the hopes of Zero rampaging (insert swear word instead) up some vampires again.

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11:58 pm, Jan 4 2012
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I completely agree! I'm a self-confessed Yume fan and I can't be bothered with all this debating over Zeki and Yume anymore... It's got ridiculously boring. I've stopped reading the chapters in full until we get some goddamn progression in place.

I'm not even sure what is going on in the plot anymore! A year from now it might be worth reading. I imagine she'll stop at around 20 volumes so we're into the final third of the story. Ish.

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