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What manga has taught me about Japanese culture...

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From User Message Body
Post #517836
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8:06 am, Jan 18 2012
Posts: 140

  • Student council presidents are like the mightiest persons on earth.
  • Every school has at least one girl with looks, brains with fanclub including creepy fanboys.
  • There are no dumb people wearing glasses.
  • The 'cool' students are always sitting in the last row at the window and spend their breaks on the roof.
  • It's common to let children live alone once they are 16.
  • Traffic accidents en masse. People just don't look when they cross the street/drivers always put the hammer down

"35% of all circulating facts and figures are wrong!"
Post #517857

11:42 am, Jan 18 2012
Posts: 1041

1. having a cold means that you cant go to school

2. having a fever means your close to death[must visit hospital, or being taken care of by your friends and family who all have the look on their face that... this is it]

3.Japanese males are all sexualy frustrated predators[ready to jump any girl they come across]

4. being beaten with steelpipes is ok...recovery time is much shorter than from a fever

Post #517861
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insomniac Kagehime

12:01 pm, Jan 18 2012
Posts: 2706

1. Even idiots can go to Elite schools
2. You can fail every subject and still not repeat the year
3. Every school has at least one idol everyone loves
- if this idol is male he will go out with a plain girl he loves more than everything else
4. 90% of japanese couples meet during school and stay happily together forever
5. Most japanese girls have D-Cups
6. Gravitiy woroks different in japan - you always fall on the boobs
7.Animals can talk in japan
8.There are many ways to leave Japan - and enter fantasy worlds
9.Half of the girls you meet in Japan are traps
10. Muscles are invisible - grade schoolers throw trucks easily

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currently reading: Nyotai-ka
please support me
Post #517867

12:34 pm, Jan 18 2012
Posts: 15

1. males are r*pist
1.1. guys in groups in major cities(tokyo) are r*pist
1.2. most guys in japan are evil ass holes (who are most likely r*pist)
1.3. japanese men think women want it (sex/r*pe), and once you do they'll love you/(sex)
1.4. these do not only apply to under 18 males.
1.5. japanese buiseness are r*pist/molesters, and if your a girl on a train keep your back to a wall
1.6. all foreigners are r*pist (this one hurts)

2. that japanese women are ok with cheating/sharing men(harem), same in reverse(shojou reverse harem)
2.1. that japan has 1/5 ratio of men to women, but (confusing part) the same applies in reverse
2.2. that you do not need any skills, traits, anything defining or even a character to make a harem in japan (applies to both sexes)
2.3. japanese women fall in love without effort, especially if the guy is hard to get (applies in reverse)
2.4. that all foreign women crotch burns for japanese men (same for reverse)
2.5. those foreign women, it they are from america, they are always blonde with blue/green eyes who are cow girls to some extent, if from europe, and super rich (same appearance)

3. japanese govt is evil, and everyone there hates there govt.
3.1. everyone always fight there govt in gun fights or special power showdowns
3.2. american soldiers/govt are nothing compared to a single japanese martial artist
3.3. foreign govt introduces or sometimes work along side of the japanese govt which introduces the thing that destroys japan, which ends up in the govt being destroyed (and i assume) replaced weekly
3.4. all politician kids are evil d**ks that use money to get away with crimes

exceptional ppl
4. half the japanese are martial artist
4.1. there are 5 super geniuses in every school
4.2. that any japanese male can be of geniuses lvl (in a week) with the right motivation (females)
4.3. 1/10 japanese have some sort of super power

too much more to write
edit (im some what scared to live in japan for the r*pe part, im afriad there's like a 50/50 rate that if i have a daughter she'll be r*ped or get with an extreme pervert)

Last edited by bakasentai at 12:54 pm, Jan 18

Post #517877
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1:45 pm, Jan 18 2012
Posts: 497

- Having a cold means that you are temporarily completely incapacitated and must recieve nourishment in the form of rice porridge asap.
- Bread is bad for you.
- If a guy shares and umbrella with a girl she will undoubtedly fall in love with him.
- Females should not board trains as they will get molested by middle-aged men.
- Japanese girls enjoy being treated like crap, and will forgive the guy regardless of what he's done.
- Japanes males think they're better than women.
- The ideal japanese woman is a maid servant.
- In Japan, there are virgins and (man)whores; hardly any exceptions.
- Japanese high school students will frequently cross dress and infiltrate a same-sex school for the opposite sex.
- In Japan, little girls are the object of the desire of many men.
- A girl in love will do anything, and then I mean absolutely anything, for the guy she loves.
- All siblings of the opposite sex are secretly in love with each other, even more so with twins.
- Yakuza are really nice people with gentle hearts.
- Japanese people love hot springs more than anything.
- Girls can be super strong until they're in real danger, unless their love interest isn't around to save them.
- 90% of the time it is the girl who will confess.
- Animals can take human forms.
- It is best not to be a beautiful girl in Japan, because girls will hate you without you having done anything to them.

User Posted Image
Post #517879 - Reply to (#517754) by mogiks
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1:53 pm, Jan 18 2012
Posts: 506

Quote from mogiks
Quote from LiitoJ
People, especially high school students can easily get other students addresses through their teacher.

When someone takes a day off from school, there's at least one person bringing in their homework to their house.

Going to a goukon and karaoke is a normal thing. (This is quite shocking to me because karaoke's expensive here in London!)

I would argue none of these three things are clichés or unrealistic. I believe all are ordinary occurrences/practices in Japan. The price of karaoke in London has nothing to do with how much it costs in Japan.

i think LittoJ was actually answering the question from the title of the post, and not the description that the OP gave.

"Dangerous...Abstinence is Dangerous"
Post #517883

2:50 pm, Jan 18 2012
Posts: 150

- Picking up a girl and carrying her piggy-back, after she has inevitably fallen and hurt her ankle during a school trip, leads to immediate romantic feelings
- Bras are ALWAYS laying on the top of a pile of laundry, usually laid perfectly flat with the cups up - ready to be grabbed by a guy who be immediately be walked in on.
- When you are in love or embarrassed you form lines across your face, sometimes they extend past that actual face
- After there is a romantic fallout the male protagonist will be forced to slowly walk in a surprise rain shower
- Girls are more than willing to let boys take a bath at their homes, 95% of the time the parents aren't home.
- Many parents either don't have actual faces or just don't choose to have them seen.
- If rains touches you, you will get a cold - if you're in it for more than 5 minutes you'll get a 39 degree fever
- Everyone who comes from (or back from) America are treated either like celebrities or loose whores
- Girls hair can grow amazingly fast in Japan. Some people spend their entire lives growing their hair, without cutting it, to reach the back of their knees. In Japan this happens at about 14, maybe earlier.
- People in Japan have extremely dirty backs as they must be washed by someone else for extended periods of time. If a loofah is not adequate, boobs will suffice.
- Takoyaki is the official food of manga (especially at festivals)
- All ice cream comes in parfait form and is usually at least 2 feet high.

Post #517886 - Reply to (#517883) by 7godeohs
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3:42 pm, Jan 18 2012
Posts: 497

Quote from 7godeohs
- Girls hair can grow amazingly fast in Japan. Some people spend their entire lives growing their hair, without cutting it, to reach the back of their knees. In Japan this happens at about 14, maybe earlier.

This is probably because they're all so short; it just makes the hair look longer. bigrazz

Oh, and apparently to the Japanese, foreign=American judging from the displayed behaviour.
And if you're only part western you'll have blond hair and/or blue eyes.

User Posted Image
Post #517963
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insomniac Kagehime

10:34 pm, Jan 18 2012
Posts: 2706

-People don´t die if they are killed in 50% of the cases
-Japanese people are the best at EVERYTHING
-In Tennis you have auras and many creative smashes
-If you kill someone with supernatural powers noone will find out
-girls enjoy being raped
- same goes for girly guys
-every girl wants to wear a maid outfit even once
-there is no club that doesn´t exist
-the student council president has more authority than the teacher (and has superhuman powers)
-while japan complains about the birth rate, most families have at least 2 children... more than 6 isn´t unusual
-robots already look exactly like cute schoolgirls (and you never see where they sotred the bazooka)
-swords are kept between the boobs
-japan gets destroyed or attacked daily, but noone notices
-pupils are often more skilled than adults

User Posted Image
currently reading: Nyotai-ka
please support me
Post #518025
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3:10 am, Jan 19 2012
Posts: 123

-The best remedy to a cold is sweating it out. (never heard this method b4)
-There is almost always a school gang. There is no effort to disband the gangs by school officials.
-The leader of the gang is always the most handsome and also strongest. Why do none of them get scarred from fights?
- Your body contains an unlimited amount of blood. The blood always spurts in gigantic waves.
-The cooler a fighting move is the more effective. (legs flying and seeming levitation)
-The cooler/bigger the weapon the more effective.

User Posted Image
Post #518027
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3:37 am, Jan 19 2012
Posts: 47

"I agree with everything that was already said."

-I now understand honorifics, GhostWriter-chan
-It's ok if you're a girl, to grab another girls large breasts while at a hot spring.
-When girls cook it's either really good or really bad
-People in Japan don't look Asian in manga...
-everyone has a school uniform

User Posted Image
Post #518028
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3:39 am, Jan 19 2012
Posts: 746

My favorite cliches, eh?

If I want to meet my "Prince" follow these steps:
1. Bite down on a piece of toast
2. Wait until I'm almost late for school
3. Run haphazardly around corners to get there in time
4. Ta-Da!

If a wound looks fatal, it probably isn't.

Sexual arousal takes on the form of a bloody nose.

User Posted Image
Post #518089
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An F to judge M!

4:32 pm, Jan 19 2012
Posts: 382

- In Japan, if your friends have a disagreement about you or your recent favorable circumstance, they are allowed and expected to invoke a poorly crafted contest to steal that favorable circumstance for themselves. Refusal to compete forfeits your right to own a penis, and your friend will make rape-faces at you while sneering provocations until you inevitably decide to participate.
    +Since the "prize" is oftentimes a sentient being with free-will, this contest never works.

In order to be a world renowned genius in Japan, you must also be bat-shit insane and possess at least two of these qualities:
- Incomprehensible yet functional cosplay
- Irrational motives
- Poor sleeping habits
- The ability to effortlessly operate more than three obligatorily unmarked keyboards, simultaneously (with two hands)
- Single-handedly trump years of conventional research on a whim with little or no effort
- Be a complete ditz or otherwise socially inept.

- In Japan, it's polite to vehemently deny the question "Did you see them?" when asked by a girl. Even if highly unlikely forces of gravity willed you to accidentally plow your face point-blank into her vagina, DENY IT WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT.
    +Actually, there is no right answer. You'll be promptly smote, regardless.

Last edited by Badkarma at 7:05 pm, Jan 14

Seraphic Mist
Post #518093
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5:13 pm, Jan 19 2012
Posts: 19

-A girl usually doesn't lock the door while changing.
-Girls with big boobs are morons or Tsundere. [It's not like I like him or anything!!!]
-Know-it-alls have glasses.
-Friendship between boys take a MAJOR backseat when a girl appears.
-There are more Smut Shojo/Josei manga than Shonen/Seinen.
-Girls love being mistreated, especially if the guy is hot.

Casey D. Geek
Post #518096
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5:36 pm, Jan 19 2012
Posts: 937

(Kinda 18+, I think)
Les'se here...
I learnt a lot, but most of that has already been mentioned. So here's what comes to me right now:
(Note: Apologies if this gets to anybody in the wrong way. I'm just wondering.)
If you're a childhood friend... you get laid.
If you're a paying-guest... you get laid.
If you're a cousin... you get laid.
If you're a student... you get laid.
If you're a teacher... you get laid.
If you're a hobo... you get laid.
If you're ugly... you get laid.
If you're a squid... you get laid.
If you're the maid... you get laid.
If you're lesbian... you get laid.

If you're pretty much anybody, as long as you're the main character or near the main character at the right moment, you get laid.

There are times when you will miss what you never had. I wonder how you will find what you so desperately need.
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