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Manzai or Rakugo related/based Manga?

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7:08 pm, Feb 8 2012
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This might be a slightly unusual request, but all pointers would be appreciated.

I realized that my favourite type of manga these days are those that focus on either club activities or character development. The surprising bit (for me) was that while there is a story about a Lacrosse club, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of works structured around Manzai or Rakugo (The Manzai Comics is one exception that I can think of).

So any Manzai or Rakugo themed mangas? Or is it too passé, and hence avoided by mangakas.

Note 1: Not thinking about Boke-Tsukkomi references, which seem to turn up everywhere. Looking for stories with Manzai/Rakugo performers as protagonist.

Note 2: Shoujo, Shounen, Seinen, Josei - everything works for me.

Note 3: Prefer works available in English (print or scanlation), though I suppose such works would probably not be very popular among translators.

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8:33 pm, Feb 8 2012
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