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7:41 am, Feb 10 2012
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looking for a male protagonist just trying to get by and trying to figure out himself
Through fail relationship and work and journey that each failure make him stronger and the obstacle he faces. cool

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10:49 am, Feb 10 2012
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Eden: It's an Endless World! fits perfectly. Do not be confused by the he first few chapters. The two kids in the beginning are not the main characters.

These may fit your requirements to a lesser degree:
Onani Master Kurosawa
Sun-ken Rock
Wolf Guy

Edit: Sorry, I read your post again, and it seems to me that you are looking for something more realistic. Besides, Eden is already on your Reading List. So, just ignore my post.

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3:08 am, Feb 13 2012
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Living Game - sorry this is the only seinen I know, but I think it really fits.

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