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To role-playing gamers

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Post #527467
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6:48 pm, Mar 5 2012
Posts: 974

I don't see any point to grind in single player rpg, for me its always to play as I like.

but mmorpg is totally different thing biggrin

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Post #557796 - Reply to (#523351) by Damnedman

1:46 pm, Jun 24 2012
Posts: 1041

I cant say i enjoy their games

Skyrim was fun...for a little while

but i like to be sucked into a story

Skyrim dont have an engaging "main story"

its more fun to be out killing stuff on some random quest than taking part of the story of this game
and i dont like that
most of the game feels like endless padding

when you first start up skyrim
it feels really awesome
so i can understadn why it got so high ratings everywhere

Post #557806
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4:08 pm, Jun 24 2012
Posts: 167

DIABLO! Omg...Diablo 2...never got to level 99 no matter how many hours I spent doing hell runs on single player or battlenet.
Anyways spent tons of hours on that game, but so far the new one...I played about 150+ hrs of it and it goes by pretty quick.

Then there's final fantasy xiii I spent almost 160 hrs on it lol and then when my old game profile got corrupted along with my other games such as mass effect (120+ hrs) I had to start over. Since ME1 is loaded with cutscenes and dialogue I gave up replaying that game. The gameplay didn't take as long as the amount of hours spent exploring the Citadel and doing the side quests where you have to travel through mass relays and it took time to find the destination and then there were those vast maps where you had to explore or want to...

Then there's Kingdoms of Amalur spent like 70 hrs on it. Loads of sidequests and exploring etc but the game lacked variety, so it got pretty easy as you approached the max level and killing everything became a piece of cake.

Shortest amount of time I spent in RPG games are 40-50 hrs and two of them were FFX (grinded a little, but not as much) and KH.

So 60 hrs isn't bad at all. laugh

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Post #558530
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A dignified

2:30 pm, Jun 28 2012
Posts: 506

The standard amount of first runthrough, main story "playtime" is ~60 hours. It varies depending on the game/player. Excluding MMOs, my first real RPG was probably Tales of Symphonia. Took about 70 hours to clear the first time, though I've since gotten to 500 hours played over the course of 5 years, 10 playthroughs, and a lot of grinding.

I barely remember my Morrowind experience for some reason, though I did enjoy Oblivion a lot (80ish hours). Have not and probably will not pick up Skyrim, unfortunately.

ME1 was alright, not amazing (50ish hours). Some of the concepts/mechanics it introduced were cool, if not done perfectly (dat combat)... Haven't had time/money for ME2 or 3.

Fable 1 and 2 were fun if short (40ish hours). Haven't had time/money for 3.

FF13... Beat final boss in 45 hours, took another 45 to finish up achievements. Haters be damned, I loved this game. Haven't had time/money for 13-2, though I definitely will eventually.

MMORPGs are different in terms of playtime, of course... I played RuneScape on and off for 7 years and spent maybe 3,000 hours playing. Fiesta Online lasted about a year - 500 hours. Atlantica Online - 2 years, 750 hours.

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Post #574913
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7:26 pm, Oct 26 2012
Posts: 73

Depends on the game. FFVII was like 70 the first time. but i reached final boss at level 60, then went about doing the KotR side quest and grinded three characters up to 99 and the rest were mid 80s. Also defeated the Weapons, and i think i finished every side quest before i faced the final boss for the first time. i think i was at like 77 or 80 hours.
Currently my playtime is like ~100 with almost every materia with at least one mastered version.

FFVIII i've played so many times so it's like 40?

And FFX i've done in under 30. Mid to low 20s i think. And FFXII was around there too i think. Those are the only RPGS i've finished, but im working on DQVIII and P4

Oh yeah, and how can i forget about Pokemon. First game i had with over 100 hours. can't remember how long it takes to beat the elite 4 tho, but my Emerald had a pretty high level team at 100 hours.

Though more modern ones like ME 1&2 i did in relativly short amounts of time. None of these modern ones take that long to beat. (Exluding open world ones like Skyrim)

Post #574918
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Slightly obscene

7:56 pm, Oct 26 2012
Posts: 493

If we talk about games like FF, Persona, DA: O , Baldur's gate etc, I pretty much never finish anything under 100 hours due to my tendency to want to see and do absolutely everything and my other tendency of just wasting time doing completely pointless or just terribly inefficient things. Plus I usually clock at least 20 hours of total idling due to leaving the game on while I wander off to do some other random stuff.

I remember this one 3rd party memory card on PS2. I calculated that I lost around 500 hours of yet unfinished gameplay due to the card breaking down. I had specifically had that card as my "rpg" card. The worst one that I remember was Star Ocean: 'Till the end of time. I had around 200 hours on that sucker when the card died on me.

Last edited by Baalzebup at 8:06 pm, Oct 26

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Post #574929 - Reply to (#557796) by TaoPaiPai
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9:31 pm, Oct 26 2012
Posts: 618

Quote from TaoPaiPai
I cant say i enjoy their games

Skyrim was fun...for a little while

but i like to be sucked into a story

Skyrim dont have an engaging "main story"

its more fun to be out killing stuff on some random quest than taking part of the story of this game
and i dont like that
most of the game fee ...

Skyrim was never about the main story. I didn't bother playing the main quest until like 50 hours in. Hell, I didn't even have Dragonrend which would've made my life so much easier. Skyrim is about exploration and role playing. It's a giant sandbox where fun is proportional to your imagination. A lot of my time was just derping, around exploring every cave I find, talking to all the npcs and reading the books that's scattered everywhere. When things feel a bit stale, I download mods to extend the content although a significant part of that was trying to fix the bugs.

Post #578364
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A daydreamer

2:24 am, Nov 26 2012
Posts: 53

I'm not quite sure if you would classify any given zelda game as a RPG, but I hold a very pathetic record of having not beaten Skyward Sword since I got it Christmas day as of 2011...(I will one day! I'm just...procrastinating...) none

BUT, for actual RPGs I usually range around 50 to 100 depending on its content...

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Post #578473 - Reply to (#578364) by Monkey_Fist
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An F to judge M!

2:47 am, Nov 27 2012
Posts: 383

Quote from Monkey_Fist
(I will one day! I'm just...procrastinating...)

Story of my liiiiiiiiiife!

Uuuu... for some reason, I have about five or six games I've had for... well, YEARS now that I either haven't even played or just plain stopped playing.

I got FF XIII on pre-order from Amazon (so march of last year?), and stopped playing around 20 hours in. Well, this ain't that big a mystery, since I don't really care for the gameplay or the story much, so I'll probably never finish it. (I seriously tried to like it.)

Here's a thinker: My PS3 came bundled with MGS4. In all other iterations of Metal Gear Solid, I've fought, and clawed, and raged my way to an end rank of Big Boss (except MGS3, it's best rank in "Foxhound"). I still have my crappy NES 'Metal Gear' cartridge on display despite not having a working NES.

And yet...

I've never played Metal Gear Solid 4, ever.


Got halfway through P3P and stopped, mainly because I put it on Manic. No, it's not too terribly difficult even on Manic if you pay attention... but that's the problem: Since it's on a portable system, I subconsciously wanna play it half-heartedly... which leads to 'Enemy Advantage', and when you get ambushed on manic, you get your poor fem MC cunt-destroyed. Guh... (Truthfully, I haven't really stopped, but by all rights, I should've gotten through it at least once by now.)

Played Xenosaga I. Loved it. Played Xenosaga II, and it was so bad I repressed it from my memory, story n' all. Easily the worst sequel I've ever played. Heard Xenosaga III went back to I's greatness, but since I honestly don't remember ANYTHING from II (it REALLY sucked), I feel like I can't play III unless I replay II - and I haven't, nor do I want to. (Guess I could read a story synapes...)

While we're on the subject of Xeno-, I got to the end of Xenogears, and never finished. "Story-Time with Fei & Elly" aka 'we-ran-outta-munnies-to-make-this-game' sorta put me off.

Uncharted was a pretty fun ride. I have Uncharted 2 too... but I never played it. Have Cathrine; never played it. Got to the end or Phantasy Star IV, stopped. Got around 35 hours into Tales of the Abyss, stopped. Got to the end of Grandia, stopped. Grabbed Rouge Galaxy out a bargain bin, played a bit. stopped. Dunno why; it was fun.

Yet, the real sick thing is that there's a few MORE games I want to get, Last Story and Xenoblade, but I don't have a Wii. Yeah, I got problems... like some kinda video game hoarder. ...(and that was way more then "five or six".....................)

Post #578833
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5:21 pm, Nov 29 2012
Posts: 29

I've asked my friends what was their total and I received numbers that ranged 50~70 hours. I myself usually have 50~60 hours after story completion. Then more hours if I max character, get the best weapons, skills, new characters, etc. Ooo and secret videos or endings

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